Brave New World Chapters 4-6

Describe transportation in the World state a helicopter type machine that flies through the air.
Why does Bernard find it difficult to interact with others? Bernard is extremely intelligent, and not many people can think at the same capacity as him. Therefore, Bernard is the only person intelligent enough to have a conversation with himself.
Who is Helmholtz Watson? Explain how his character acts as a foil for Bernard Marx. What do the two men have in common Watson is an Alpha-Plus with too much intelligence. He is a friend of Bernard Marx because both he and Marx are outsiders within the society. They both lament the superficial and vacuous society they live in.
What does Lenina consider a dirty joke? asking someone who their mother is
Where does Lenina run off to during her conversation with Bernard? she goes on a date with Henry where they plan to play obstacle golf
Why does Bernard feel self conscious? due to his size and his demeanor, he wonders if the rumors about him are true. He feels like he needs to yell at the epsilons in order to achieve respect.
Where does Helmholtz watson work? he is a lecturer at the college of emotional engineering (department of writing) He works for the hourly radio
Why is Watson complaining? He believes he can do a lot more with his writing then is asked of in his job.
Why does Bernard interrupt Helmholtz? He is paranoid that there is someone behind the door listening to them– there is no one, and Helmholtz wishes his friend had more confidence.
How does hypnopaedia condition people to be happy? What details suggest that it is not completely defective? It is meant to condition the brain towards promiscuity, use of soma, and complete acceptance of society. Through subliminal messages, people are conditioned for the excesses of society via hypnopaedic slogans such as “a gramme is better than a damn”. The use of hypnopaedia strengthens the conditioning and indicates the subversive nature of the state.
Describe the required solidarity service. What is the purpose of the service? What tactics does the State use to achieve their goal? Bernard attends a Solidarity meeting, a community gathering where the people worship Ford for his ideas and try to merge themselves into a unified group. The twelve people in his group take a seating arrangement around a circular table that alternates sexes. They consume a liquid soma that they pass around when they chant certain phrases. They are supposed to go until they feel Ford’s presence, and then they are to feel brainwashed. This is when they return to the couches for an orgy.
Describe Bernard Marx’s response to the solidarity service? How does his response help develop his character? Bernard fixates on Morgana, a woman whose unibrow distracts him so much that he cannot feel the same ecstasy as the other people and must pretend to be as caught up in the ceremony as the others. The service ends, and Bernard emerges feeling more self-conscious than ever before. We see that Bernard is truly an individual seeking a different way than the World State
what does Henry Foster find fascinating about the crematorium? they are able to recover over 98% of phosphorus from the bodies. He thinks that its great that they will be socially useful even when they’re dead.
What did Lenina discover when she woke up one night as a kid? she discovered the hypnopaedic sleep teaching, and remembering how strange she thought it was until she fell asleep.
what is the Big Henry? Big Ben – the famous clock in London
What is on Bernard’s mind after the solidarity meeting? Morgana’s unibrow, and how alone he feels
Why does Lenina have second thoughts about going to the Savage Reservation with Bernard? Why does she decide to go? Lenina has second thoughts due to the fact that Bernard is just all around odd, and everyone seems to have something to say about him. She decides to go to seize the opportunity of seeing the savage reservation and to avoid going to the North Pole again.
Why does Bernard dislike soma? Bernard refuses soma because he would, “rather be himself. [Him]self and nasty. Not somebody else, however jolly.” Bernard hates being artificially happy. He finds the experience empty and unsatisfying.
Why is Bernard disappointed that he slept with Lenina on their first date? How does Lenina respond to his suggestion that it would have been better to have waited? Bernard is looking for something more than just sex. He wishes he could have formed a connection with her before engaging in intercourse. He says that people may be adults intellectually, but they have the emotions of a child.
Why doesn’t the Director approve of Bernard travelling to the Savage Reservation? What happened to him when he visited the reservation in his youth? The director is surprised that they want to visit the Reservation. He cautions that bad things can happen there. There is no control or order. He explains that he once took a woman there and she disappeared.
How does the director threaten Bernard? What effect does the threat have on him? Why do you think Bernard responds this way to be threatened? How does his response help develop his character? The Director yells at Bernard for failing to conform to societal standards. He threatens to send Bernard to Iceland if the latter does not begin to conform his personal life to the demands of society. Bernard returns home and brags to Helmholtz about his encounter with the Director by embellishing the details. He tells Helmholtz that he confronted the Director and told him to go to the “Bottomless Pit,” even though this account is false. Helmholtz is unimpressed, and hates the way Bernard goes from self-pity to arrogant boasting. Bernard’s emotional rebellion adds to the rising tension of the storyline.
What upsets Bernard when he is at the Reservation? What does this suggest about his values and effectiveness of his conditioning? Is he really that different from Lenina? Bernard remembers that he left a perfume tap running in his home, and that it will be quite expensive. This makes him very upset. He calls Helmholtz to get it turned off and learns that the Director has decided to transfer him to Iceland as soon as a replacement is found. Iceland is a place devoid of progress and the creature comforts of life in England. Previously, Bernard yearned to feel what it might be like to encounter disappointment or struggles in life. He realizes that such emotions are not what he thought they would be. Lenina makes him take several soma to quell the emotions, which marks the difference in their conditioning. Lenina is conditioned to take a pill when feelong emotional, whereas, Bernard embraces the emotion.
How does Bernard respond to the news that the Director is planning to transfer him to Iceland when he returns from the reservation? How does his response help develop his character? Bernard was appalled at the news he was to be sent to Iceland, and he was filled with remorse because he hadn’t taken the Director’s threats seriously. In the end, he took soma with Lenina and laughed….. At this point, he begins to learn compromise.
Why does Henry compare Bernard to a rhinoceros? because he wasn’t conditioned right
Where does Bernard want to take Lenina for their date? On a quiet walk with just the two of them
How does Bernard connect with the bad weather? he feels like it makes him more himself, an individual, rather than just a cell in the social body of society. He feels free. When questioned by Lenina, he says that he wish he wasnt useful to society, because he yearns to be free rather than to be enslaved to his conditioning.
How does the director act after sharing his experience with Bernard? He feels vulnerable and exposed, and he transfers his emotion into a defensive anger trying to persuade Bernard that he had no emotional relations with the girl.
How does Helmholtz watson contradict himself? In chapter 4, he wishes that Bernard would have more confidence. In this chapter, he gets annoyed with Bernard for having too much confidence.
What does life on the savage reservation resemble? Modern life like we live today in 2016.
How does Lenina try to act attentive? She answers “You dont say” after everything

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