Brave New World Chapter 10 Literary devices

Metaphor “But the director’s face, as he entered the fertilizing room with Henry Foster, was grave, wooden with severity”
Imagery “Under the microscopes, their long tails furiously lashing, spermatozoa were burrowing headfirst into eggs; and fertilized, the eggs were expanding, dividing, or if bokanovskified, budding and breaking up into whole populations of separate embryos”
Imagery “… and there, in the crimson darkness, stewingly warm on the cushion of peritoneum and forged with blood-surrogate and hormones, the foetuses grew and grew or, poisoned, languished into stunted epsilonhood”
Metaphor “Yes-s” repeated the director, lingering, a serpent on the “s”
Personification “Her eyes were anxious, agonized”
Hyperbole “…face seemed on the point of disintegration”
Situational Irony The audience knows that Bernard has Linda and John as leverage against the director but the director does not know this and acts prideful

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