Brave New World Ch. 2 Questions

Which rooms do the students visit first in this chapter? Infant Nurseries; Neo-Pavlovian Conditioning
What do Deltas wear? Khaki
What happens as the children crawl toward the pretty flowers and the books? The roses flamed up with excitement, and when the children reached the books, the Head Nurse turned on a very loud alarm and electrically shocked the babies.
How do the children react to the books and flowers when they are offered to them again? They shrink down in horror and start screaming.
Why does this society want to make the lower castes afraid of books? It would waste the community’s time if they read books and there was a risk of them reading something that might undesirably decondition one of their reflexes.
Why does society want to make the lower classes hate nature? Loving nature doesn’t keep factories busy. And if they make the children scream at the sight of a rose, it is on the grounds of high economic policy.
Why, however, do they want the lower classes to like country sports? Because they see to it that country sports entail the use of elaborate apparatus, so they consumed manufactured articles as well as transport.
What weird thing happened with the boy Reuben Rabinovitch? His parents had happened to leave the radio on in his room one night and when he was sleeping, a long lecture played om the radio. When he woke up, he kept repeating the lecture word for word.
What technique this boy help discover? Hypnopedia (sleep teaching)
What sign did the director make on his stomach? The sign of a T
They discovered that intellectual education wasn’t possible through hypnopedia, but what kind of education is possible through hypnopedia? Moral education
What were the two lessons the children had so far this afternoon? Elementary Sex and Elementary Class Consciousness
Explain the class consciousness education. There are eighty children sleeping in cots aligning the walls. Each child has a recorder under its pillow repeating a paragraph about how they are glad they are beta’s, and they point out a disadvantage they would have if they were in any other caste. For thirty months straight, three times a week, that recording is repeated to them 120 times. After the thirty months is up they move to a more advanced lesson.

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