Books 19-24 the odyssey

What is Telemachus planning to say the the suitors when he takes the weapons out of the hall? He says be wants to protect the weapons from further smoke damage & protecting the suitors from themselves and their drunkenness.
What 2 goddesses is Penelope being compared to? Artemis & Aphrodite.
Do you think Penelope recognizes the beggar as her husband? Yes, because Penelope herself brought those veery clothes To him & pinned the golden brooch on Odysseus.
How did Odysseus get the scar on his thigh? From hunting a boar when he was younger.
Even though the suitors had been intolerable, why has philoetius stayed faithful? He has hope that Odysseus will return.
Why were the heralds making a sacrifice to Apollo? Odysseus knows he will have to call on Apollo and ask for his help to assure his success.
Why did Amphinomus suddenly change his mind about plotting to kill Telemachus? Amphinomus saw an omen of a high flying eagle with a dove in its talons.
What is the meal that a goddess and a hero will soon serve to the suitors? They will soon serve a graceless death.
In book 20 line 430, how does homer justify to the readers the slaughter of the suitors? By saying “after all, they started this whole ugly business.”
Why did Eumaeus and philoetius cry as they set out bow & axe heads for the suitors? They are upset over losing their queen. When she goes, their hope for Odysseus returning goes with her.
Why did Telemachus offer to try to string the bow? He acts out of character to encourage the suitors to participate in the contest. He outwardly tells the suitors he would have the satisfaction that he’d mast he’d his father’s skill.
How did Odysseus prove to Eumaeus and philoetius that he was Odysseus? By showing them the scar on his leg.
When Eurymachus can’t string the bow, he isn’t sad about losing the marriage, but what is he sorry for? He’s sorry that their strength falls short of Odysseus’s. And they they’re unable to string the bow, they’ll be laughed at for generations to come.
What is eurymachus afraid of, and how does Penelope put him in his place? He’s worried about what people will say about his beating by a vagrant. Penelope says “men who don’t honor their hosts cannot expect a good reputation anywhere.”
How does Telemachus ease the tension in the room? He tells Eumaeus that he would throw stones at him, because Telemachus is stronger than he is. Then makes a comment about how he would’ve thrown the suitors out too, but they’re stronger.
**listingWhat 3 crimes of the suitors foes Odysseus mention when he begins the slaughter? 1. They wasted his resources.2. They forced the women to sleep with them. 3. They courted Penelope while Odysseus was still alive.
How does Eurymachus try to persuade Odysseus? He acknowledges the wrongdoings & tries to blame it all of antinous. Eurymachus says he will make sure Odysseus gets paid back.
How did Athena help Odysseus and Telemachus in their battle against the suitors? She disguised herself as mentor and deflected the suitors spears away from Odysseus, Telemachus, Eumaeus & Philoetius.
Which suppliants does Odysseus spare in the battle in the hall? Why? Phemius- because he is a bard (poet) Telemachus spoke for his innocence. Meden- the herald; because he did nothing but good deeds.
Do you think what happened to the 12 women and Melanthius was a just punishment? The 12 women were hung in public & they were left hanging & Melanthius was dismembered. (Give your opinion on whether or not it was just).
What is Penelope’s first reaction to Eurycleia’s announcement that Odysseus was really home? She thought Eurycleia had gone mad.
Why do you think Odysseus smiles when Penelope says “there are secrets between us no one else knows”? Odysseus is confident that he knows what that secret is and appreciates Penelope’s wisdom in testing him.
What is the secret between Penelope and Odysseus? How their marriage bed is made.
Why does Odysseus instruct Penelope to “go upstairs with your women and sit quietly/ don’t look outside or speak to anyone”? News will have spread that Odysseus and his men have slaughtered the suitors, And he wants Penelope to remain safe.
Why does Achilles says Agamemnon had a “most pitiable death”? Because Agamemnon didn’t die in Troy as a soldier. He was cut down in his own house.
Who flew to the city and told everyone what happened to the suitors? Rumor flew.
According to medon, how did Odysseus manage to kill all the suitors? With the help of the gods.
Who does Halitherses Blame? The fathers of the suitors.
What happened the Eupeithes? Laertes speared Eupeithes in the head.

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