Books 1-5 Odyssey Part 5

Mount Olympus the most important gods in ancient Greece lived here
Troy Agamemnon fought here
Olympia the most important sanctuary to Zeus in ancient Greece
Dionysus theaters in ancient Greece were temples to this god
Hera Zeus’ wife
Epidauros main center of healing in ancient Greece
Delphi site of the most famous of the Greek Oracles
Macedonia Alexander the Great came from here
Homer this man wrote the Illiad and the Odyssey
Apollo this god slew a snake that guarded a sacred spring
King Agamemnon ruled in Corinth false
Pericles was a famous tyrant of Athens false
Greek philosophers sometimes taught in stoas true
the Romans despised Greek culture false
Alexander the Great was finally defeated in Egypt false
the ancient Greek city-states had colonies in north Africa and in southern France true
the ancient Greeks contributed little to mathematics false
most Spartans feared war and loved luxury false
democracy was born in Greece true
slavery was illegal in ancient Greece false

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