Books 1-24 The Illustrated Odyssey

What was the Trojan War? The Trojan War was waged against the city of Troy by the Achaeans (Greeks) after Paris of Troy took Helen from her husband Menelaus, King of Sparta. It is an important event in Greek Mythology.
What is known about the author Homer? He is a blind Minstrel, and the author of the Odyssey.
Which Goddess is Homer asking for inspiration at the beginning of this book? Goddess of Inspiration (Athena)
What is an epic? A long narrative poem, usually about a tale of heroic deeds and events significant to a culture or nation.
What is Olympus? The tallest mountain in Athens. Home of the Supreme gods.
Who is Telemachus? The son of Odysseus.
Who is Odysseus and what has happened to him? He is one of the most respected warriors of the Trojan War. He was driven off course (way laid) on his way home and is now assumed death.
What is happening to Penelope during Odysseus’ absence? Suitors are fighting for her hand in marriage.
Who is the council that Telemachus calls? A council of all the men of Ithaca. He asks why they let his mother be taken advantage of.
Who is Antinous? The ring leader of the suitors.
Who is Eurycleia? Telemachus’s elderly nursemaid
What sort of trickery has Penelope been using against her suitors? She says she will choose a suitor when she is finished weaving a burial sound. Every night, she secretly unravels the shroud.
What sign indicated doom for the suitors? Two eagles swoop down on the crowd, attacking with their talons.
What does Telemachus do at the end of Book Two? He sets out to find his father, with the help of disguised Athena.
Who is Pylos? Kingdom where Nestor rules
Who are Agamemnon and Menelaus? Leaders in the Trojan War. Menelaus was the king of Sparta- Helen’s husband. Menelaus= King of Sparta.
Who is Orestes? Son of Agamemnon
What is a sacrifice to the Greeks? A way to Pacify (please) gods who may otherwise be angered.
What does Nestor tell Telemachus about his father? Odysseus was in the same regimen as Agamemnon and Menelaus. The two groups split. Odysseus went with Agamemnon’s group.
Write a brief summary of what happens in this book. Telemachus meets Menelaus and Helen who recount Odysseus’s journey.
What sort of “hospitality does King Menelaus offer Telemachus and Nestor’s son? They bathed men and gave them fresh robes.
What is ambrosia? Food of the gods.
Who is Tantalus? Son of Zeus.
What story does Queen Helen tell Telemachus? She recounts how Odysseus infiltrated Troy (in beggars’ clothes).
What sort of “magic” is related to Hermes sandals? He can fly.
What is River Styx? A river that is the boundary between Earth and the underworld.
Who is Orion? Was a great hunter who became a constellation of stars when he died.
Who is Leucothea? A goddess who appears to Odysseus in the form of a bird, and gives him a veil that will prevent him from drowning.
How does Odysseus escape Calypso? Hermes sends Zeus’s message that she must release him.
Who are the Pahecians? The people whose land Odysseus washes up on.
Who is Nausicaa? A beautiful young princess who finds Odysseus when he washes ashore.
What Goddess helps Odysseus and what does she do? Athena; she appears in Nausicaa’s dream, causing heart Odysseus; making him seem like a god to Nausicaa.
How does Nausicaa help Odysseus? She feeds and clothes him, and brings him to her mother and father, who will help Odysseus return home.
Who is the queen? Arete
Who is Alcinous? Ruler of the Phaecians
How did Odysseus get into the banquet? Athena, disguised as a little girl, leads Odysseus to the palace. She wraps him in a mist so that he can enter unseen.
What did the king and queen do for Odysseus? They give him a place to sleep and consider helping him get home.
Who is Demodocus? Alicinous’s minstrel (Poet)
Who is Achilles? The greatest fighter of the Greeks who fought in Troy, but was killed by Paris.
What does it mean by”Odysseus cried into his mantle”? He cried to himself
How does Odysseus impress the Phaeacians? One of the young athletes taunts Odysseus for not participating in the games and he surprises the company by hurling the discus further than anyone had done before.
How do the queen and king try to entertain Odysseus? Dancers pass a wooden ball back and forth. Demodocus sings and plays a harp.
What happens with each attempt? Odysseus cries when Demodocus sings. He is indifferent to the other events.
What is Ismarus? A city of the Cicones
What are Cicones? A tribe attacked by Odysseus and his men. Later, they attack, causing Odysseus to flee.
What is the “land” of Lotus-eaters? An island dominated by lotus plants, plants with narcotic properties that cause people to sleep in peace apathy.
What is Cyclopes? The son of Poseidon. A one- eyed giant of the race that built Olympus for the gods.
What was the name of the Cyclops that Odysseus and men run into? Cyclops Polyohemus
What does the Cyclops first do to Odysseus’ men? It attacks and and eats them
How does Odysseus and his men escape the Cyclops? He gets the Cyclops drunk, drives a pole into its eye to blind it, and tricks Cyclops into thinking his name is “Nobody”! When the other Cyclopes ask who harmed Polyphemus, he tells them “Nobody” did.
Who is Aeolus? Keeper of the winds.
What happens to Odysseus on the island of Aeolus? Aeolus gives Odysseus a bag of storm winds to help blow him home. His men open the bag thinking it’s full of treasure, which blow them all the way back to the island. Aeolus kicks them out.
What is Laestrygonians? A tribe of giant canibals from which Odysseus barely escapes.
What happened to Odysseus on the island of Laesrtygonians? Several of his men are killed and eaten, but Odysseus escapes.
Who is Circe? A witch-godess
What happened to Odysseus’ men on the island of Circle? Circe turns them into pigs.
What is the “land of Death”? The underworld.
Who is Tiresias? A blind prophet in the underworld who can help Odysseus get home.
What is the “Ocean stream”? The River Styx
What are the “shades”? Spirits of the dead, or ghosts
What does Tiresias tell Odysseus? He gives Odysseus warnings about his journey home, and tells him what he must do to die a happy death.
Who are the Sirens? Dangerous but beautiful creatures, “whose sweet singing lures sailors to their doom”.
What is Charybdis? A giant monster who “swallows” the sea in a whirlpool, then spits it up again.
What is Scylla? A giant monster with six long necks that grabs and eats sailors as they pass by.
What happens to Odysseus’ men? Six of them get eaten by Syclla.
Where does Odysseus end up? Island of the sun, and later Calypso’s island.
After the tale, where is Odysseus sent? Ithaca (home)
What does the Goddess Athena do to Odysseus? She turns him into an old man with rags.
Who is Emaeus? Odysseus swinherd
How does he help Odysseus? He gives Odysseus his bed cover to use as a seat, and serves him boar with bread and wine.
How does Athena help Telemachus? Athena instructs Telemachus on how to avoid an ambush by the suitors.
What major event happens in this book? Odysseus and Telemachus reunite, and plot the suitors doom.
Who is Melanthius? An ” insolent goatherd” who curses and kicks Odysseus.
Who is Argos? An old dog Odysseus raised as a pup.
Who is Antinous? The leader of the suitors.
What happens to Odysseus in this book? He is hit in the back by a footstool Antinous throws at him. The suitors are nervous that the old man may really be a god coming to test their rightousness.
Who is Irus? A beggar who warns Odysseus off of ” his truf”.
What does he do to Odysseus? He challenges Odysseus to a fight.
Who is Penelope? Odysseus’s wife
Who is Eurycleia? Penelope’s nursemaid, who was Odysseus’s nurse when he was young
What is Mount Parnassus? A mountain where Odysseus had been gored by a wild boar, leaving a scar above his knee.
How is Odysseus recognized and what does he do? Eurycleia recognizes his scar. He scilences her so as to not give away his plans.
Who is the exiled murderer? A prophet whom Telemachus has befriended. (Theoklymenos)
What does the prophet tell the suitors and how do the suitors react? He tells them ” I see the walls of this mansion dripping with your blood”. They respond by laughing.
What does Penelope bring before the suitors? Odysseus’s bow
What is the task that Penelope has placed for the suitors? To send a bow through the sockets of twelve ax heads lined in a row.
What does Odysseus do? He send an arrow through the ax heads, was easily as a bard fitting a string to his lyre?
What happens to the suitors, the housemaids and the goatherder? Odysseus sends an arrow through Antinous’s throat, the other suitors are killed, the house maids who conspired with the suitors are hung, and the goatherd is killed.
What happens to the mansion? It is “purged with fire and brimstone”
What does Odysseus order after that? He tells everyone to dress their best and so passers by won’t know what just happened
What does Penelope do? She tells a servant to make up Odysseus’s bed in the hall as a test.
Who is Laertes? Odysseus’s father who works on a vineyard
What do the kin ( relatives) of the suitors do? Their relatives seek revenge against Odysseus.
What happens to Antinous’ father? Laertes casts a lance through his helmet which kills him

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