Book 12 The Odyssey

Why should Odysseus be wary of the Sirens? Their singing causes ships to come towards them and then they kill everyone on board
What should Odysseus and his men do to keep safe from the Sirens? put beeswax in their ears and tie themselves with rope
What is Scylla like She is a six headed monster
What will Charybdis do if Odysseus’ ship gets to close She is a whirlpool and if his ship gets too close them Charybdis will engulf and destroy the ship
What does Odysseus keep secret from his men? That 6 of the crewmen would die
Describe the circumstances of Odysseus’ shipmates’ death. Is it Odysseus’ fault? 6 men were killed by Scylla and the rest were destroyed by CharybdisIt is Odysseus’ fault because they wouldn’t be there in the first place if Odysseus hadn’t disrespected the gods, especially Poseidon

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