Book 12, The Odyssey

Where are Odysseus and his men now? back on Circe’s island ot get Elepenor
What task do Odysseus and his men do at dawn? gave Elepnor a funeral
Who are the Sirens and what do they do? they sing and are monsters that lure sailors to their deaths with their song
What instructions does Circe give regarding the Sirens? put beeswax in your men’s ears – lash yourself to the mast and don’t let anyone untie you (odysseus)
Who are Scylla and Charibdis? Scylla- 6 headed monsterCharyribdis- whirlpool that gulps down water 3x a day
What instructions does Circe give Ody regarding Scylla and Charybdis? better to hang close to Scylla and lose 6 men than the whole ship to Charybdis
Whare does Circe tell Ody to go afterwards and what instructions does she give them about this place? go on to Thirnacia and don’t eat the sun god’s cattle there
Does Ody tell his men about Scuylla? no- but he only loses 6 men rather than the whole ship to the whrilpool- it was horrible for Ody to watch his men be eaten alive
Which two warn Ody about the island of Helios? Circe and Tiresias
What is Eurylochus’ response to Ody while they are travelling and near Helios? The men are tired and we need to stop to sleep and eat

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