Why is Zeus upset with mortals, and what examples does he give? They were always blaming the gods. He uses Aegisthus as an example, saying he was warned but would not heed hermes’s advice
Recount the pun on Odysseus’s name that Athena makes in her first speech. Why is Odysseus so “odious”
Why was Telemachus indignant when he saw Athena on the threshold of the outerPorch? He was indignant that a guest had been made to wait so long
Explain the symbolism of where Telemachus places Pallas Athena’s spear. He put her spear next to Odysseus’s spear symbolizing how she is by his side
Why does Telemachus say that if Odysseus had died at Troy he would have grievedless for him than he now does? There would have been closure. Telemachus would have received the great honor, but now all Telemachus has is pain and sorrow
Show how Telemachus responds to his mother’s tearful plea to change the subject ofthe singer’s song. What does his response tell us about his character and about genderRoles? “Singers are not responsible; Zeus is”. He then tell her to go back upstairs to do her work because he is the master of the house
Eurycleia was a prized slave in Odysseus’s household. What was her relationshipwith Odysseus’s father, Laertes? With Odysseus’s son, Telemachus? Laertes paid a small fortune for her when she was still a girl and honored her as he did his wife, though he never slept with her. Eurycleia loved Telemachus the most, had nursed him as a baby and takes care of him now
Why do the suitors avoid going to Icarius’s house? Life is too easy for the suitors at Odysseus house. Icarius would arrange his daughters dowry and choose the man he likes best. Telemachus will have lost everything
Reflect on why Telemachus said it would be better if the Ithacans consumed all of his resources. He could just go through town and get the goods back
Describe one of the tricks Penelope devised to hold off the suitors She started weaving a shroud for Odysseus father, Laertes , which she would secretly unweave at night
What will Telemachus do if he learns that his father is dead? He will build Odysseus a barrow then marry off his mother
Show how Mentor rebukes the men of Ithaca. He criticizes them for not speaking out against the suitors , especially since the men of Ithaca outnumber the suitors
Define the epithet (an adjective or descriptive phrase expressing a qualitycharacteristic of the person or thing mentioned) “godlike Odysseus.” He is favored by the gods( except of course Poseidon) and he has withstood more than most mortals. He is a hero, not a god, but only because he was born from mortals
How did Athena recruit sailors and acquire a fast ship? She disguised herself as Telemachus and went through the town recruiting them
Why is Athena so confident that Telemachus can successfully approach and inquireof Nestor? Because he is Odysseus son
What is the aegis? the shield or breastplate of Zeus or Athena,bearing at its center the head of the Gorgon
Name some of the heroes who were killed in Troy Ajax, Achilles, Patroclus, Anticolus
Who caused the quarrel between Atreus’s two sons “Athena set them feuding, Atreus’ two sons” Athena caused the two sons to fight, they also had been drink so that could have contributed.
Explain why Nestor knew nothing of who survived and who was lost in the TrojanWar. Nestor missed it all because he fled with Menelaus.
What would Mentor/Athena rather do than be killed at his/her hearth? She would rather endure great suffering before she reached home rather than to be killed at her own hearth later.
What advice does Nestor give Telemachus? Go to Sparta to King Menelaus to find out news of OdysseusDo not stay away from Ithaca for too long because the Suitors will take over
When Peisistratus and Telemachus arrived at the hollows of Lacedaemon, they droveon to where? What was taking place there? They drove on to Menelaus palace. A feast.
Expand on the reasons why Menelaus was greatly displeased with Eteoneus’s comments. That other had helped him so he must help others. Why did he ask? Of course, we let guests in.
What is the prime cut of roast beef a mark of? Honor
To which goddess is Helen compared when she arrives in the hall? Artimis
Describe how Helen helps them get over their sorrow She poisoned them
Why did Telemachus go to Sparta? To find information about the whereabouts of his father
Summarize Menelaus’s description of death for the suitors. “If only that Odysseus met the suitors,/ they’d have their consummation, a cold bed!” That they would be killed and buried without hesitation. They had disgraceful behavior. Will wipe out the suitors.

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