BK English 9b– Romeo and Juliet Questions– Act 5

Give Romeo’s reason for going to an apothecary, and tell what buys. to buy poison
How do these incidents–Balthasar’s information and John’s quarantine–affect Romeo? He thinks Juliet is dead
Who is hidden in the graveyard when Romeo arrives? Why? Paris, to put flowers on Juliet’s grave
Why does Romeo kill Paris? They get into a fight; Paris thinks Romeo is ruining the graves
Quote the lines that indicate Juliet will awaken soon after Romeo’s arrival. Cheeks were crimson; lips were pink
Thistle does not stop him from doing what? killing himself
After Juliet discovers Romeo, she refuses a plan of the Friar. What does she do instead? She kills herself
What other death is reported by Montague? Romeo’s mom died
What purpose does the letter from Romeo serve? To confirm Friar’s story
Quote at least two statements that show that the feud is over. They shake hands. Build a statue in Juliet’s honor

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