Beowulfs last battle

Who are beowulfs people Geats
Why does beowulf become the new king Higlac and his son have died
How long has he ruled sweden in peace 50 years
What monster does Beowulf have to fight now Dragon
Who had disturbed this monster Thief
What had been stolen from this monster Cup
What is the monster guarding Treasure
What 3 items does beowulf take with him in order to fight the monster Sword shield armor
How did beowulf know when he was getting closer to this monster He felt the heat from the dragons breath
Which item of beowulfs does the monster destroy first Shield
What happens to hrunting It cracked
Who was beowulfs father Edgetho
Which warrior remained to help beowulf fight Wiglaf
Who was this warriors father Wexstan
What did the ofher warriors do when beowulf needed them They ran for their lives
What mortal wounds does beowulf recieve Burned by the dragons flame, wounded in the neck
What weapon was used to kill the dragon Dagger
What was the first request that beowulf gave to wiglaf To bring him the dragons treasure
The woven item that wiglaf saw inside of the tower was a Golden banner
When wiglaf returned to beowulf how did he try to revive him Sprinkled water in his face
What does beowulf want to be built for him A tomb
He wanted this to be called Beowulfs tower
Whu was it to be built so high So the sailors can see the tower from far and wide
How long did it take to build it 10 days
What was to be done to beowulfs body Cremated
Name the four items that he leaves to wiglaf Necklace ring helmet mail shirt
How many warriors rode around the tower 12
Why were the other warriors consideredto be traitors They left Beowulf in his time of need
What are javelins Light spears used as weapons
Who becomes the new king of sweden Wiglaf

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