Beowulf – Warrior’s/King’s Codes Examples

Warrior Code – Strength – Rips Grendel’s arm off- Cuts Grendel’s mother’s head off
Warrior Code – Loyalty – Gives all of the treasure he won to Hygelac- Promises to help Hrothgar in the future if he ever needs it
Warrior Code – Valor/Bravery – Dives into the mere without knowing what’s in there- Doesn’t use armor or weapons when he fights Grendel
King Code – Hospitality – Invites Hrothgar’s sons to come and visit- Provides food, drink and entertainment for his thanes (Wiglaf’s account)
King Code – Generosity – Gives his thanes a lot of treasure and weapons (Wiglaf’s account)- Shared his shield with Wiglaf when Wiglaf”s shield was burnt
King Code – Rules for 50 years- Build alliance between Geats and Danes by defeating Grendel and his mother

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