Beowulf Unit Test

Beowulf was written Between 700 and 750 AD
Beowulf was written by Unkown Anglo-Saxon poet
Caesura Pause for breath while reading
Theme Reoccurring main idea in a piece of literature
Motif A literary element that reinforces the theme
Symbol Something that represents something else
Kenning Two-word metaphorical phrase
Scop Traveling entertainer
Stock epithet An adjective use to point out a trait of a person or thing
Grendel Evil monster born of Cain; Antagonist
Beowulf Geat hero; Protagonist
Wiglaf Helps Beowulf defeat the Dragon
Higlac Beowulf’s King
Hrothgar King of the Danes
Healfdane Hrothgar’s father
Hrunting Sword Beowulf takes down to fight Grendel’s mother
Welthow Hrothgar’s queen
Herot Hrothgar’s famous mead-hall
Brecca Swam against Beowulf; son of Bonstan
Unferth Geat warrior who envies Beowulf; son of Ecglaf
Wulfgar Greets Beowulf and his men; son of Wexstan
Hrothgar’s best friend Taken by Grendel’s mom after Grendel is defeated by Beowulf
Dragon is awakened by an act of Greed

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