Beowulf – Unit Exam Study Guide

Kenning 2-3 words that work together to describe an object; ex: whale road (ocean)
Examples of Kennings “Whale road” ; “bone house” ; “sleep of the sword” ; “battle sweat”
Homily Advice within a poem – usually directed at the reader
How was Shield Sheafson buried? At sea on a ship with his treasures – sent into the unknown
What does Hrothgar build? Hall Heorot
What does Hall Heorot represent? The Danes’ wealth, power, and civilization
What does Grendel symbolize Evil, jealousy, pride
What does Grendel’s mother symbolize? Evil, revenge
What does the dragon represent? Evil, greed, all the things that will destroy a king/govt.
Who are Grendel and his mother descended from? Cain
What is significant of the fact that Grendel and his mother are descended from Cain? They are outcasts from civilization
Why does Beowulf sail to Denmark? To fight and kill Grendel
What happened in the battle between Beowulf and Grendel? Grendel wanted to get away, but Beowulf had his arm. They nearly destroyed the hall in their fight. Grendel’s arm was ripped off.
Where does Grendel go to die? to the swamps, in a lake, and to his mother
who was Beowulf compared to after his battle with Grendel? Sigemund (from Sigemund and the dragon) – and he was compared to Heremod (the bad king to whom he is constantly contrasted)
What was the trophy from Beowulf’s battle with Grendel? Grendel’s arm
What is Hrunting? A sword
Where did Hrunting come from? Unferth
What does Hrunting do? Nothing in battle – it cannot fight Grendel’s mother
Why does Grendel’s mother come to the hall? To avenge her son’s death
What does Grendel’s mother do when she enters? She takes her son’s arm, and also takes Aschere
Where does Grendel’s mother live? In an underwater hall (in a lake with sea monsters)
What happens in the fight with Grendel’s mother? She nearly kills him 3 times – he was saved by his chain mail. Beowulf also finds a jeweled sword that he kills here with. The sword melts from her blood
What is Hrothgar’s warning to Beowulf before he leaves? 1. Don’t be like Heremod (and abuse your power); 2. Don’t be complacent with your power (show too much pride in your leadership); 3. Don’t be like me (he ruled for 50 years confident he had destroyed all evil, then BAM – Grendel)
What do Beowulf and Hrothgar have in common? They were both good kings who ruled for 50 years, then BAM – monster
How does Beowulf become king of Geatland? Hygelac dies in battle, then his son later dies in battle
How long does Beowulf rule Geatland? 50 years
What upsets the dragon? A thief steals his cup
Why is Beowulf happy as he dies? His people will be rich from the dragon treasure
How does Beowulf plan to battle the dragon? Alone
How does the dragon battle affect Beowulf? 1. He doesn’t do well; 2. he gets bit in the neck; 3. he dies
How did Wiglaf rebuke the other thanes? He called them cowards and said because of them, others would attack Geatland
What does Beowulf instruct Wiglaf to do? 1. Bring him the treasure before he died, 2. Rule the Geats, 3. Build him a pyre and a barrow after his death
What is the message in the story of Ongentheow? It tells how the Swedes have been harboring a grudge towards the Geats and will now attack since Beowulf is dead.
Describe Beowulf’s funeral Biggest pyre ever, barrow took 10 days to build, people were mourning the loss of their king and their inevitable battles to come with the Franks, Frisians, and Swedes

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