Beowulf Test Study

why were grendel’s ancestors banished in the slime? they were descendants of Cain.
why won’t Grendel touch the king’s throne? It is protected by God.
why are the wise ones glad that Beowulf i going to find Grendel? they were good omens (or signs) that showed that Beowulf would be fine.
What finally kills Grendel? Beowulf ripped off his arm, and the injury kills him.
What does Beowulf keep as proof over his win over Grendel? Grendel’s arm
Who does Grendel’s mother take with her? Hrothgar’s best friend
why wasn’t Beowulf there when Grendel’s mother attacked? He’s sleeping in another hall.
what protects Beowulf from Grendel’s mother’s attack? His mail shirt
what do the Danes and the Geats think as they sit by the lake? they think that Beowulf has been killed.
what does Beowulf bring back with him to land? Grendel’s head.
why does Beowulf decline Higlac’s throne? Higlac’s son is still alive.
what was Beowulf’s attitude before fighting the dragon? he was resolute and determined to defeat the dragon.
why does Wiglaf join the battle against Beowulf when every other warrior left? he wants to be loyal to Beowulf, as he should.
How does Beowulf die? the venom from the dragon’s bite kills him.
what does the dragon represent? he represents human greed, and the devil.
what does the fire that the dragon breathes represent? the fires of hell.
what does Beowulf give to Wiglaf before he dies? his gold-covered helmet, his Golden Necklace, his rings, his armor, and his kingdom.
who is Healfdane? Beo’s son; a very strong Danish king. had two sons and one daughter: Hrothgar, Halga, and Yrs
Herot the great mead-hall
when was Grendel most likely to attack his prey? when they were unaware and asleep.
how many years was Hrothgar griefing? 12 years
how many men were with Beowulf, including him? fourteen men
prow front part of the boat
Higlac the king of the Geats in the time of Beowulf
how did the Danish watcher feel when he saw Beowulf and his soldiers? he thinks that they are great and is intrigued by them. he asks for their name and why they are here.
what else did Grendel’s mother take with her besides Hrothgar’s friend? Grendel’s claw
Hrunting was the sword that killed Grendel’s mother. true or false? false, there was another ancient sword in her lair that killed her.
what was Beowulf primary goal in killing the monsters? to become famous for it, and to have the glory.
which group of people left the scene of the lake, and which stayed? the Danes left, and the Geats stayed
where is Beowulf from? Geatland
what did Beowulf take with him after he killed Grendel’s mother? Grendel’s head and the hilt of the giant magic sword that killed Grendel’s mother
what did the killing of Grendel’s mother symbolize? the rise of Christianity and the fall of paganism; Grendel’s mother is paganism
what did the dragon do that heavily affected Beowulf? he burned down Beowulf’s house
what was Beowulf’s armor made of? iron
how did Wiglaf get the sword that belonged to Onela’s nephew? his father, Wexstan, after killing the prince of Sweden, went to find safety, just to find the man dead.he took his dead body in his armor, and also took his sword, he went to Onela and Onela said he should have it.
what is the name of Beowulf’s ancient sword that he uses against the Dragon? Nagling
what intrinsic quality inside of both Beowulf and Wiglaf were said to really kill the dragon? their courage
what does Beowulf tell Wiglaf to do after they kill the dragon? to get his treasures and riches
how long did it take for the people to make Beowulf’s funeral monument? ten days
what was the name of King Higlac’s murderer? Dagref the Frank
heroic code the statement that both kings and warriors need to show each other loyalty and respect in battle
how was Beowulf composed? in traditional Germanic oral poetry
how was Germanic oral poetry usually transmitted? orally from generation to generation.
scop a bard; someone that performs oral literature
epic poem a long, narrative poem in elevated style presenting characters in high position in adventures forming an organic whole through their relation to a central heroic figure and through their development of episodes important to the history of a nation or race
by whom were epics first made by? various unknown poets
what are epics without authorship? folk epics
starting in the middle of a story in medias res
what thing functions as a sign of mutual obligation in the heroic code? treasure
what things are emphasized in the heroic code? courage, honor, and vengeance
caesura a pause in a poem
kenning compound word that provides a vivid, symbolic understanding of the noun they replace
what is Scylding? the family name of the royal Danish family
449-1066 the beginning of the Anglo-Saxon Period.
Britons the Anglo-Saxon word for slaves
who were the Native Britons controlled by in the Anglo-Saxon period? the Romans
who is Alfred the Great? the king of Wessex that united all of the kingdoms of England and defeated the Danes. also established the first permanent military and encouraged literature
The Exeter the largest known collection of Anglo-Saxon literature
who were the invaders of Rome? the Anglo, Saxons, and Jutes
what religion were the Anglo-Saxons? pagans
what three kingdoms was Britain divided into before the ninth century? Wessex, Mercia, and Northumbria
when was the poem Beowulf believed to be written? the 7th or 8th century
funeral practice for warriors? person would be buried with his valued items in a ship, it would be sent out on fire and would eventually burn.
why was Herot important? it was the site of Grendel’s attack, and was also where the king and his warrior would celebrate

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