Beowulf Test Review

Who is Hrothgar? King of the Danes (people of Denmark)
What is Herot? A wooden, large mead hall where men of the community go to meet, celebrate, eat, sleep, act
Describe Grendel using 4 specific details from the text. a) Powerful monsterb) Demon, fiend who haunts the moors (marshy wild land)c) Spawned (given birth) by a pair of monsters descended from Caind) Has great claws – tears apart and eats men/drinks their blood
What irritates Grendel and becomes his motive for attacking Herot? The men are happy, enjoy music, live in nature’s beauty, enjoy each other’s company in the mead hall – all things he can not do/jealous
Give a detail of Grendel’s attack. He sneaks up at night, grabs men and smashes them, runs out with their bodies, takes them to his lair as food.
Name a specific ancient ancestor of Grendel. Cain
What happens to Herot? (lines 60-62) The mead hall stays empty for years: 12 winters. It is constantly attacked by Grendel who would not agree to any kind of truce or payoff. Grendel would never touch the king’s throne because it was protected by God.
Who is Beowulf? A young warrior from Geatland. He is “strongest of the Geats” and “greater and stronger than anyone anywhere in the world.”
Name the country from which Beowulf comes. Geatland (southern tip of what is now Sweden)
Who is Higlac, and how is Beowulf related to him? (lines 109-111) King of the Geats and Beowulf’s uncle.
What does Beowulf decide to do? Why? He decides to go help Hrothgar, the king of the Danes, get rid of the monster Grendel. He chooses the bravest and best of the Geats – 14 of them, gets a boat and sets sail for the “Danish shore.”
Why did Beowulf'[s kingsmen urge him to go? (lines 114-119) Because Hrothgar needed the help and because Beowulf was loved by Geats. The believed the “omens were good” and it was Beowulf’s “duty to go”.
How did Beowulf hear about the wrath of Grendel? (lines 144-145) Sailors brought the stories of Herot and Grendel’s attacks at night.
What are the accomplishments Beowulf states he’s done? (lines 151-160) These are Beowulf’s Boasts:a) Drove five giants into the chains and chased all of that race from the earth.b) Hunted and killed one by one the monsters of the ocean.
What request does Beowulf make of Hrothgar? That he alone and with the help of his men would rid the evil (Grendel) from the mead hall and that he will do so without a weapon.
Why wouldn’t the Danes have to sew shrouds for the Geats if Grendel triumphs? (SHROUDS are cloth to cover the dead bodies before burial)Grendel will carry their bloody flesh to the moors, crunch their bones, and smear torn scraps of skin on the walls of his den (lair). In other words, there won’t be anything to burry.
When does Grendel arrive at Herot? That night
From where does Grendel come? (lines 233-235) Out of the marsh from the foot of misty hills and bogs
What surprises Grendel when he comes in contact with Beowulf? 1st – Beowulf was awake and ready2nd – Beowulf instantly seizes him and bends back his claw to his arm. Grendel never faced such a strong man – none (whose hands were harder.”
Why could the men’s swords not harm Grendel? Grendel had “bewitched all the men’s weapons, laid spells that blunted every mortal’s blade.” In other words, their words had no effect when they struck Grendel.
How does Beowulf kill Grendel? He snaps off his arm. Grendel escapes, but he could only flee to his hole (lair) at the bottom of the marsh top wait for death.
What does Beowulf do after Grendel escapes? Why? He hangs Grendel’s claw, arm, shoulder (all attached) from the rafters of Herot (mead hall). It was the proof of his victory over Grendel.
Give 2 descriptions (short phrases) of Grendel in this section. Forever joyless, rushed angrily, snarling/fearce, “flooded with fear,” and “writhing monster” (writhing means moving in pain)
List 4 very specific details of Herot found in this section. (lines 290-305) a) Hall rangb) Herot trembledc) Beautiful walls shaped and fastened with irond) Built to withstand all EXCEPT FIRE
Describe Grendel’s lair. (give three specific details) – It is dark and no one knows its depth- At night the lake burns like a torch- Deer refuse to flee into its dark waves even to escape certain death by wolves on the shore
What is Grendel’s mother’s motivation for going to Herot? She is bound and determined to kill the Danes for the loss of her son.
After celebrating Beowulf’s victory, what occurs at Herot? The Danes return to eating and sleeping in Herot because the felt they were now safe. (Beowulf and his warriors were housed at a different hall then)
Name 2 things Grendel’s mother carried back to her lair from Herot. She took Hrothgar’s (the King of Danes) best and closest friend (killed him) and she took Grendel’s arm.
What do the Danes entreat Beowulf to do? What would be his reward? 1) To go to Grendel’s mother’s lair to kill her (and save them)2) They would pay him with “gold, heaped up treasure”(He DID NOT get paid anything for killing Grendel because Hrothgar once saves Beowulf’s father and the Geats from attack; therefore, Beowulf returned the favor by killing Grendel “for free”)
Where does Beowulf find Grendel’s mother? He has to dive for 4 hours to the muddy bottom of the lake; she finds him, attacks him, and takes him to her “home”; while all this is happening, other monsters come to see and take part. Her home is a battlehall bright with light/flame.
What protects him from her claws? His mail shirt protects him, BUT his sword called “Hrunting” cannot hurt Grendel’s mother so it is pretty much worthless.
What was Beowulf’s motivation in accomplishing this deed? (lines 485-486) He longed for FAME
What happen’s to Beowulf’s helmet? Grendel’s mother bit holes in it which would be the last time anyone would or could wear it.
How does Beowulf kill Grendel’s mother? What was the exact weapon? He sees a sword hanging on the wall – a massive sword hammered by giants, strong and blessed with their magic. He takes this sword and is able to kill her although all that remains of the sword is the hilt (the handle)
After Beowulf kills her, what does he do before leaving the lair? He finds Grendel’s body and cuts his head off.
What do the Danes who are observing at the lake do? Why? They think Beowulf has been killed when they see blood come to the surface so they leave.
What do the Geats do? They are faithful and stay because they cannot believe they will never see him again.
What 2 items does Beowulf carry with him back to Herot? – Giants’ sword hilt- Grendel’s head

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