Beowulf T191

What does Beowulf ask of Hrothgar? Permission to fight Grendel
Why does Beowulf plan to fight without a sword or shield? Because Grendel never fights with a sword or a shield.
Why does Unferth disparage Beowulf’s reputation with a story about a battle at sea? Unferth is jealous of Beowulf
What do Beowulf and Breca swim out to sea to fight? Sea monsters
What boast or promise does Beowulf make to Wealhtheow, the Queen? He’ll slay Grendel or die trying
Who is Beow? Hrothgar’s grandfather
What is Heorot? The great wall that Hrothgar builds
How long does Grendel menace Hrothgar’s kingdom? 12 years
Where does Beowulf sail from to help the Danes? Geatland
Who stops Beowulf when he first arrives to the kingdom? A lookout who guards the sea-cliffs
What does Beowulf hold up as proof of his victory over Grendel? Grendel’s arm
What happens to Grendel after the battle? He returns to his swamp home to die
Who is Sigemund, who the Danish bard sings about to celebrate Beowulf’s victory? A hero who slew a dragon
What does Beowulf say when he is thanked for his heroic deed? He expresses regret that he mortally wounded Grendel but did not kill him
Hrothgar does what by celebrating Beowulf’s defeat of Grendel? Wins the respect of the Danes’ for ruling justly
What gifts is Beowulf given at the victory feast? Fine horses, treasure, armor, and a resplendent torque
How does Hrothgar make Beowulf part of his family? He adopts him as a son in a grand gesture of thanks
Who loses to whom in the beginning of the saga of Finn (the Frisian King) that the bard tells? The Danes lose to the Frisians
In the saga, why is Finn Danish’s wife, Hildeburth, so devastated by the outcome of the battle? Her son and brother are killed
How does the Saga of Finn end? The danes wait out the winter and then kill Finn, loot the castle, and abscond to Denmark with Hildeburth
From whom is Grendel descended? Cain
What happens when Grendel’s mother comes to Heorot seeking revenge? She kills Hrothgar’s advisor and steals Grendel’s arm
What does Hrothgar beseech Beowulf to do? Go to Grendel’s mother’s watery lair and kill her
What does Unferth give to Beowulf for the battle? A precious sword called Hrunting that has never been in a losing battle
What do they find when they reach the cliff above the monster’s swampy home? Aeschere’s head at the edge of the cliff and sea monsters down below
What does Grendel’s mother do as soon as she sees Beowulf in the water? She snatches him and drags him down to the depths
With what does Beowulf kill Grendel’s mother? A famous ancient sword he finds on the sea bottom
What does Beowulf bring back to King Hrothgar as a prize? Grendel’s decapitated head and the hilt of a melted sword
Why does Hrothgar talk about the evil King Heremond? As a contrast to Beowulf’s nobility and honor
After the victory feast, where does Beowulf tell Hrothgar he wants to go? Back to Geatland
To whose Kingdom does Beowulf go to live? To his old friend, King Hygelac’s
What tale does Beowulf tell Hygelac at great length? The story of his trip to Heorot and his battles with Grendel and his mother
Who is Queen Modryth? A legendary queen who was evil until she got married to a great king and reformed herself
What does Beowulf predict for Hrothgar and the Danes when Hrothgar’s daughter marries? It will cause the tragic worsening of an old feud with the Heathobards
What eventually happens to Hygelac? He dies and Beowulf runs the kingdom for 50 years
Why does the dragon awaken in fury? A thief had disturbed the dragon’s treasure and stolen a goblet
Whose treasure was it in the first place? The last survivor of an ancient race who gave it up when he realized he would die too
Why does Beowulf take the dragon’s attacks so personally? The dragon burns down Beowulf’s throne-hall
What’s the story of how Beowulf came to rule? Hygelac died, Beowulf acted as counselor to Hygelac’s son until the son died, and then Beowulf became king
What vision does Beowulf have before the battle with the dragon? He predicts he will die
How does Beowulf’s sword fail him when he fights the dragon? First the sword barley harms the dragon. Later it breaks
What do Beowulf’s fellow warriors do during the battle? All of them get scared and run off except Wiglaf
How does the dragon die? Wiglaf stabs his belly, then Beowulf delivers the final blow
What does Beowulf die of? He receives a poisonous dragon bite in his neck
What does Wiglaf bring the dying Beowulf? Treasure from the dragon’s hoard
How does Wiglaf speak to the warriors when they return after Beowulf’s death? He excoriates them for being cowards and abandoning their king
What does the messenger tell the people of Geatland in addition to the news of Beowulf’s death? That many future wars are close at hands
What happens to the massive treasure hoard? It’s collected
What do they do with the dragon’s body? They throw it over the cliff’s edge into the water
How is Beowulf buried? He is burned on a pyre at the cliff’s edge

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