Beowulf Study Guide

Why is Hrothgars lineage given? To show good vs evil
Why is Grendals lineage given? To show good vs evil
What is Herot? A mead hall built by Hrothgar
Why did Hrothgar build Herot? protection for people and to celebrate
Why did Herot lay empty for 12 years? Grendal attacked all the warriors at night
Why did Grendal attack Herot? he was lonely and an outcast and got upset from all the joy and celebrations
Why hasn’t Hrothgar rid Herot of Grendel? He doesn’t know how to destroy him
Why does Beowulf come to Denmark? To help Hrothgar kill Grendel
Why does the sentry personally lead Beowulf and his men to Herot after hearing their reason for coming to Denmark? He tells him all about himself and how they will help Hrothgar to defeat Grendel
Why does Wulfgar, the herald, urge Hrothgar to see Beowulf? Wulfgar was impressed by Beowulf’s confidence and the appearance of his men, so he welcomed the visitors and encouraged Hrothgar to meet them.
How does Hrothgar know of Beowulf? He was friends with Beowulfs father
What information does Beowulf’s greeting to Hrothgar include? he is a strong soldier, who has won many battles, and he wants and will kill Grendel
What are the activities at the feast? the Danes give up their seats for Guests, singing, drinking, MEAD
How does Unferth taunt Beowulf? says Beowulf lost his swimming race and calls him a “Boastful fool” and he won’t be able to win against Grendel
What is Beowulf’s response to Unferth’s taunts? calls him drunk and insults him, and defends himself
How does Welthow react to Beowulf? He thinks Beowulf comes to answer all their prayers
Why does Beowulf meet Grendel bare-handed? Beowulf believes he’s stronger and if the dragon has no weapons he won’t either
How may Grendel’s attack be described? gruesome, sneak attack
Why are Geats’ weapons useless when they rush to Beowulf’s aid? Grendel casted a spell to render them useless
What is done with the prize of the battle? Grendels arm is hung in Herot
What happens the first night the Danes return to sleep in Herot? Grendel’s mother attacks
Why does Grendel’s mother flee from Herot? overpowered but takes one man
Why does Hrothgar send for Beowulf? to ask him to defeat Grendel’s mother
How does Beowulf respond to Hrothgar’s request? he accepts (with some fear)
Where does Hrothgar lead Beowulf? To the mere
How may the lake containing Grendel’s mother and her lair be described? Blood shot, redness, very deal, bloody, other monsters and reptiles inside it
Why is Beowulf careful to wear his armor? To protect the body from her claws
How does Unferth’s behavior toward Beowulf change now? he gives Beowulf respect and loyalty
How does beowulf attempt to save his life when he realizes his weapons and helmet are ineffective? Finds a sword and slices the mothers head off
What are Hrothgar and his soldiers doing while Beowulf battles Grendels mother? they leave and assume that he died
What does Beowulf do to the mother? Decapitates the mom chops Grendels head off and the sword melts
How long does Beowulf rule the Geats? 50 years
What breaks the peace? a dragon attacks his land
How did the tower come to be the dragons lair? it was built to hide treasure
Why does the dragon burn down the Geats homes? someone stole a cup from his treasure
What is Beowulfs reaction to this? he attacks
What does he order made for his battle with the dragon? a special shield made
What does Beowulf say is his farewell speech to his followers? he wants an heir
How does Beowulf call the dragon? to face him on open ground
how does the dragon respond? throws fiery breath at him
Why does Beowulf lose? the dragon bites him in the neck
Where are his followers as he loses? they ran away except Wiglaf
Why does wiglaf come to own his armor? kept it because it was his fathers
Why does wiglaf go to Beowulfs aid? remembers that he shouldn’t leave him– is loyal
How is Beowulf mortally wounded? the dragon bites his neck
How do the two men kill the dragon? stabs it in the belly and the flank
What is it Beowulf asks of Wiglaf after he is wounded? to see the treasure before he dies
What does Beowulf name Wiglaf? his heir

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