Beowulf Review questions

Who is the Danish King? Hrothgar
What is the name of the mead hall? Herot
Of what topic does the poet sing in mead hall? God creating Earth
From where does Grendel come? the seed of Cain
Of which monsters is Grendel conceived? a pair of monsters that were born of Cain in hell
In his first attack how many men does Grendel kill? 30
What are laments? an expression of sorrow
For how many years has Grendel terrorized the mead hall? 12
What is protected by God that Grendel can’t touch? Hrothgar’s throne
Who is Healfdane? Hrothgar’s dad
What is the name of Beowulf’s tribe? Geats
Who is Higlac, and what is his relationship with Beowulf? King of Geats
How many warriors join Beowulf in his journey? 14
Whom do Beowulf and his men thank for a safe journey? God
Who challenges Beowulf and his men upon arrival? Hrothgar’s men
Who is Edgetho? Beowulf’s dad
Who guides Beowulf and his men to the mead hall after they arrive? Hrothgar
When Beowulf introduces himself as Higlac’s cousin, what does the word cousin mean? relative
What does Beowulf claim he has drove into chains? 5 great giants
What favor does Beowulf ask of the Danish King? allow them to battle Grendel
What boast, concerning his upcoming battle with Grendel, does Beowulf make? he won’t need weapons
If he is defeated in battle with Grendel, what does Beowulf ask the king to send back to Higlac? hammered mail of his armor
Who is Hrethel? Beowulf’s relative and previous king
Who is Wayland? blacksmith who makes Beowulf’s weapons/armor
Who does Grendel kill before he meets Beowulf? some soldiers
What does infamous mean? notorious
What does writhing mean? twisting and turning in pain
What is the only force that can destroy the mead hall? fire
What had Grendel bewitched? soldiers’ swords
How does Beowulf defeat and kill Grendel? he rips Grendel’s arms off with his bare hands
Where does Beowulf hang Grendel’s arms? in the mess hall rafters
What describes the water of the lake to which Grendel retreats? bloody, steaming, and boiling
Where does Grendel’s mother live? at the bottom of the lake
To avenge Grendel, who does his mom kill? Hrothgar’s closest friend
What title identifies Grendel’s mother? she-wolf
What does Grendel’s mom retrieve from the mess hall? grendel’s arm
Where does Beowulf battle Grendel’s mom? in the lair at the bottom of the lake
What is Hrunting? a sword that a Danish warrior gave to Beowulf
Why does Grendel’s mom’s dagger inflict no harm on Beowulf? the chain mail deflects it
What weapon does Beowulf find in the lair, with which he successfully kills her? a sword blessed by the Gods
Whose head does Beowulf cleave off? Grendel’s mom’s
Which is the first group to leave the edge of the lake? the wise old warriors
Which group stays behind? Geats
From the lair of Grendel’s mom, what two trophies does Beowulf take back? head of an ogre and magic sword
After the battle with Grendel’s mom, whom does Beowulf and his men thank? God
How many men does it take to carry back the head of one of the monsters? 4
What does Beowulf present to the Danish King after the defeat of Grendel’s mother? jeweled hilt of the magic sword
What proclamation does the king make? the Danes and Geats to be allies
Who is Herdred? son of Higlac who rules the Geats, predecessor to Beowulf
For how many years did Beowulf rule Geatland? 50
Where had the dragon lay sleeping, undisturbed for hundreds of years? a great stone tower
What woke the dragon? a man stole a jewel from the tower
Who is Wiglaf? the only Geat that didn’t flee when Beowulf was losing against the dragon
Who is Wexstan? father of Wiglaf
What sort of gifts had Beowulf given to Wexstan’s family? swords and armor
Where does the dragon drive his tusks, inflicting a mortal wound? Beowulf’s neck
Having no children, whom does Beowulf ask to be the new leader? Wiglaf
What custom does “funeral flames” refer to? Viking funeral
To what kind of tomb does Beowulf ask to be made after his cremation? to be built by the tower, so that people will remember him
How does Wiglaf respond to those who deserted Beowulf during the battle with the dragon? calls them cowards
Aside the wood necessary for the pyre, with what else have Beowulf’s people decorated the pyre? helmets, shields, mail shirts
How many days did it take Beowulf’s tribe to erect the monument? 10
Aside from Beowulf’s ashes, what else was left in the walls of the monument? his riches
In lines 1128-1131, what message does the speaker leave with the audience? everyone should pray to God for the deceased

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