who is the one person that stayed with Beowulf and fights the dragon with him; last person to see him breathe, and does Beowulf’s last wish. Wiglaf
who is the Danish king, Grandfather of Hrothgar Shild
what is the legendary sword given to Beowulf called Hrunting
who is the Danish king; builder of Herot Hrothgar
who ran away from master and he steals jeweled cup from dragon. the slave
who is the monster descended from Cain who was bothered by the noise from the Mead Hall and attacked it. Grendel
who tries to get revenge for her son’s death. Grendel’s mom
who is Beowulf’s uncle and feudal lord Higlac
who is the Danish warrior who is jealous of Beowulf Unferth
who is Hrothgar’s friend, killed by Grendel’s mom Esher
who is Hrothgar’s queen Welthow
who guarded the treasure and when the cup was stolen took revenge the dragon
who is Higlac’s queen Higd
who is Unferth’s father Eclaf
who is Beowulf’s Dad Edgetho
Who were the people of Sweden call themselves what Geats
what is Hrothgar’s mead hall called Herot
who is the Swedish king who was killed by Higlac Ongentho
who is the once violent woman who is tamed by her husband Thrith
What relation is Hrothgar to Shild? Hrothgar was Shild’s grandson
How does Grendel show he is not civilized? Grendel showed that he isn’t civilized by not seeking peace, offerings or truces not even gold or land from the Danes
What does Beowulf do when he hears of Hrothgar’s problems with Grendel? When Beowulf heard about what Grendel did he quickly commanded a boat fitted out, proclaiming that he’d go to that famous king, to help him when needed most.
What kind of funeral is given to Beowulf? Beowulf’s funeral was a cremation
What does Unferth accuse Beowulf of? Unfeth accuses Beowulf of being a boastful fool who fought a swimming match with Brecca.
What does the messenger sent by Wiglaf predict will happen in the future regarding the safety of the Geats? He predicts that the Geats will lose to the Swedes and they will take their treasure and the queen
What does the dying Beowulf ask Wiglaf to do? Beowulf tells Wiglaf to rule when he’s gone.
In Beowulf’s fight with the dragon, does Beowulf use weapons? Beowulf did not use a sword but had a shield.
What had angered the dragon? The golden cup being stolen angered the dragon.
What does Beowulf do with the treasure he was given? Beowulf gave his treasure to his king and queen
What does Hrothgar predict about Beowulf’s future in Geatland? Hrothgar predicts that if Hrethel’s son dies and Beowulf is still alive that he should be made king
How does Beowulf kill Grendel’s mother and with what weapon? Beowulf killed Grendel’s mother by finding a sword that was blessed with their magic and he cut her throat.
Why has Grendel’s mother come to Herot? Grendel’s mother came to Herot to take revenge for her son’s death.
Where did Hrothgar’s men sleep that night? Hrothgar’s men sleep that night in Herot.
How does Beowulf defeat him? Beowulf rips off Grendel’s arm with his bare hands.
What is Queen Welthow doing during the feasting? Queen Welthow greeted the warriors, poured them drinks during the feast.
How does Hrothgar know Beowulf so well? Hrothgar knew Beowulf as a boy because his father Edgetho who was given Hrethel’s only daughter.
Whom do the Geats first meet when they arrive in Denmark? The Geats first meet the Danish patroller
What was the ancestry of Grendel? His ancestors were monsters born of Cain, they were murderous creatures half monster half human banished by the gods

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