Beowulf Quiz

People of Denmark, where Grendel is Danes
King of the Danes King Hrothgar
Beowulf’s Father Edgetho
Men from Sweeden, Higlac’s men Geats
King of the Geats Higlac
Geat, comes to Denmark to defeat Grendel Beowulf
Loyal soldier who helps Beowulf fight the dragon Wiglaf
descendant of Cain, enjoys murdering people Grendel
mother of monster who attacks Herot, lives underwater Grendel’s Mother
Beowulf’s sword Hrunting
Hrothgar’s mead hall for the Danes Herot
terrorizes Great Hall Grendel
made of iron, wood, ivory, and gold Herot
caught by surprise when attacked Grendel
killed when head is chopped off Grendel’s Mother
Healfdane’s son Hrothgar
Higlac’s follower Beowulf
Edgethro’s son Beowulf
the afflictor of men, tormentor of their days Grendel
Grendel – What tactics did Beowulf use? How did he win? uses strength, no weapons; honorable fate, leaving it up to God, wins by hanging onto Grendel’s arm, detaching it from his shoulder
Grendel’s mother – Where did this happen? What saved Beowulf life? How did he kill her? What did he bring back to Hrothgar? cave under the lake, chainmail shirt and fate, cuts of her head with sword, Grendel’s head and sword handle
the dragon – Who came to Beowulf’s aid? How did they kill the dragon Wiglaf, Beowulf stabs the dragon
How was the original version of Beowulf passed down? oral tradition
What impact did the Christian monks have on Beowulf and Anglo-Saxon literature? wrote it down; added Christian values
Give at least 3 characteristics that define an epic. Elevated language, long narrative poem, good versus evil, heroic figure
During Anglo-Saxon time, how would men become famous? prove himself in battle
What two forms of religion are expressed in Beowulf? Pagan and Christian
What do the Danes sing about which makes Grendel angry? creation stories
What has Grendel been conceived from? Who is his ancestor? Cain
At the beginning of the story, why does Grendel attack the Danes? What makes him angry with them? they are singing of creation stories, reminding Grendel of his separation from God
How long did Grendel rule the mead hall? What season is associated with these years? 12 years
In what way do Hrothgar’s men break comitatus after Grendel’s nightly assaults? they flee the mead hall and do not attempt to fight Grendel
What object of Hrothgar’s is protected by God and therefore out of Grendel’s reach? Hrothgar’s throne
Who is the king of the Geats? Higlac
What are the three boasts made by Beowulf to King Hrothgar? being victorious in battle, ridding the country of all giants, and slaying sea monsters
Why is Beowulf determined not to use his hands in the battle with Grendel? honorable fight; Grendel doesn’t use weapons
What details are given to describe Grendel? claws, head that requires four men to carry out of water, thought as quick as greed, delight in killing men
Despite Grendel’s fierce reputation, what is his first reaction when confronted with Beowulf? desires to retreat, not expecting having to fight
Why were Beowulf’s men unable to hurt Grendel with their weapons? skin is impenetrable by magic
How does Beowulf kill Grendel? detaches arm from shoulder, resulting in mortal wound
Where do Grendel and his mother live underwater cave
What does Beowulf hang from the rafters of Herot as a trophy? Grendel’s arm
What is so important about Beowulf keeping Grendel’s arm and hanging it in the meadhall? in memoriam to those who were killed in Herot by the monster, showing that the enemy had been defeated
Why can’t Beowulf’s men help him when his is fighting Grendel? their swords are useless
Before Beowulf arrives, who are the only people who survive Grendel’s attacks of Herot? Hrothgar, those who avoid meadhall
What drives Beowulf on in his battle with Grendel’s mother? honor and glory
What saves his life in the battle with Grendel’s mother? fate and chainmail shirt
What does Beowulf bring back with him from the underwater hall? sword handle and Grendel’s head
What evidence are we given of Grendel’s size? took 4 men to carry his head
Why is it important to Anglo-Saxons to have a poem written about their brave deeds? to record their values of a warrior society for future generations
Who remains loyal to Beowulf in the final episode? Wiglaf
When Beowulf hears about the destruction of the dragon’s rage, what is his reaction? to fight the dragon alone
How does each of the monsters represent the opposite of Christian virtues? Grendel – wrathGrendel’s mother – vengeancedragon – greed
Long narrative poem that chronicles the deeds of a heroic figure.Often passed down through oral traditionCharacterized by serious elevated languageReflects the cultural values of original storytellers epic poem
legally binding arrangement of paying a slain man’s family to atone for the deed to prevent them from taking revenge against the manslayer werguild
Germanic code of loyalty. Thanes swore loyalty to kings, for whom they fought and protected. In return, the king was generous with gifts of treasure and land comitatus
glory for the King, community and self fraternity
the kingdom’s capital and command center is HerotThis gathering place a large building with a single room, which provided warmth, light, food, drink, song and fellowship for a lord and his warriors mead hall
Epic challenge, events coming in threes (this is one of three monsters Beowulf will fight in his lifetime). Good triumphs over evil. Legendary hero proves himself abroad (Quest) and becomes a wise and virtuous leader. archetypal elements
main character protagonist
person or force that opposes the protagonist antagonist

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