Beowulf Quiz!

What are the three tribes? Angles, Saxons, and Jutes.
What kind of people were the tribes? Germanic People.
What was their goal? To conquer the native people (Britons) and colonize the land.
How long did the Anglo-Saxon period last? 600 years.
What did they speak? Old English.
What kind of society did the Anglo-Saxons have? Patriarchal.
What was the code of honor? Obey their tribe and kin, expected to fight until death or vicotry, and avenge the death of their leader.
What kind of religion were the Anglo-Saxons? Paganism.
Who converts the king to Christianity? St. Augustine.
Who do they think edited the book? Two Christian monks.
When and where does the story take place? Fifth century in Scandinavia.
What are the two Germanic tribes? Geats and Danes.
What kind of a poem is Beowulf? Epic poem.
Alliteration. A literary device that consists of repeating the same consonant sound at the beginning of two or more words in close succession.
How many kingdoms did the four tribes set up? Seven kingdoms.
What were the languages they spoke? West Saxon, Kentish, Mercian, and Northumbrian.
When was it written? Eighth century.
What are Beowulf’s three combats? Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and Dragon.
What is the poet of Beowulf trying to convey in battles? Significance of batte, what makes a hero heroic.
What is the most important quality of a hero? Driving will for glory.
Why don’t we know when Beowulf composed or who it was composed by? Because there was a destruction of Henry VIII’s great libraries.
What are the epic characteristics? Based on both historical fact and legend, hero is male of noble birth who values courage and honor, hero is courageous and almost superhuman, hero must complete a long dangerous journey and fight supernatural creatures, hero’s actions will determine the fate of his people or nation, themes (good vs. evil) are universal.
Beowulf is essentially what kind of a poem? Aristocratic poem.
What weapons are significant in this poem? Swords and helmets.
What is the significance of battle according to the writer? What makes a good fighter tick, what makes a hero heroic; he looks inside the minds of both good men and evil monsters.
What can we conclude about the writer of Beowulf? It is the work of one man and that its author was Christian.
Why did the translator of Beowulf insert all of his studies on the history and language and the story itself? To prove that it was a scholarly endeavor.
What is the name of the mead-hall that Hrothgar builds? Herot
What caused Grendel to be so irritated with the Danes? He grew impatient because the Danes would feast day after day, playing their loud music.
What religion are the Danes? Christhian
How long were the Danes tortured by Grendel? Twelve years
Why didn’t Grendel ever touch Hrothgar’s thone? He was protected by God.
Beowulf Higlac’s follower, and the strongest of the Geats, destroys Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the dragon.
How many men did Beowulf take with him to help the Danes? 14
How does Beowulf defeat Grendel? He tears his arm off with his bare hands.
Why couldn’t the swords or weapons the Danes used hurt Grendel? Because Grendel had bewitched all men’s weapons so that it could not hurt him.
What did Grendel’s arm represent? Proof of Beowulf’s strength, and proof of Grendel’s torture ending.
What does Grendel’s mothe take as revenge? She takes Hrothgar’s closest friend and kills him, and she takes Grendel’s claw.
What did Unferth give to Beowulf? His sword, Hrunting.
Where does Beowulf go to fight Grendel’s mother? The bottom of the lake.
Mailshirt is an example of what literary device in chapter 22? Repetition
How does God help Beowulf in his battle with Grendel’s mother? He sends a sword that can be used to defeat Grendel’s mother, because it was forged by giants and monsters.
How did he kill Grendel’s mother? He struck her in the neck and cut it through.
What does Beowulf bring back with him to represent his glory? He brings back the sword and Grendel’s head.
What happened to the sword he used to kill Grendel’s mother? The blade melts, and all that is left is the runic, it has a story of a race of giants wiped out in a battle with God. He sends a flood and wipes them out of existence.
What did the dragon melt away? Beowulf’s throne.
Who offered Beowulf the crown and why? Higlac’s wife, because she didn’t trust her son, Herded.
What is the purpose of Beowulf’s boastful speech in chapter 35? To motivate the Geats, and give them hope and confidence.
What is the name of Beowulf’s sword? Nagling
Who was the only person who stayed and helped Beowulf defeat the monster? Wiglaf
Who did Wiglaf’s sword once belong to? Onela’s nephew
What color is Wiglaf’s shield? Yellow
What happened to Nagling when Beowulf tried to smash the beast? The iron broke to pieces.
How did Beowulf die? The dragon drove its tusks into Beowulf’s neck and it’s venom was in his blood
How did Wiglaf burn his hand? He was striking the dragon’s hand when it had burned him.
How did Beowulf kill the dragon? He used his battle-sharp dagger to cut the beast in half, splitting it apart.
Who does Beowulf give all the treasures to? Wiglaf
How does Beowulf want to be buried? He wants to be burned at the water’s edge, and to build a tower and call it’s Beowulf’s tower.
What did Wiglaf do with the treasures that he had won with Beowulf? He buried them in the sand near the tower.
Wiglaf Beowulf’s cousin. Wexstan’s son. Only person who comes to Beowulf’s rescue when he needed help and support (both physical and mental) the most aka in his dying hours/last fight/fight with the dragon. Becomes the king once Beowulf dies
Unferth Danish warrior. Tension between him and Beowulf. Unwilling to fight against the evil forces in the book. Makes amends by giving Beowulf sword
Grendel’s Mother wants to avenge Geats (mainly Beowulf) for killing her son. “greedy she-wolf” “fierce”. Second of three Beowulf will fight; evil in the battle between good and evil
Edgetho Beowulf’s father
Higlac Beowulf’s uncle, Geatian king, whenever his name is mentioned, it is referring to the Geats
Grendel “powerful monster”, “demon”, “mankind’s enemy”; the first of three Beowulf will fight; evil in the battle between good and evil
Hrothgar Healfdane’s son who becomes a great Danish king whom everyone loves; whenever his name is mentioned, it is referring to the Danes
Shild “Abandoned child” father of Prince Beo of the Geats
Kenning Device for introducing descriptive color or for suggesting associations without distracting attention away from the eseential statement
Scop Composer and story-telle of anglo-saxon poetry
Comitatus Warrios swear legiance to king, king returns generosity
Wergild Paying a slain-man’s family to atone for killing and prevent revenge
Lyre Small 8-string instrument
Foreshadowing What will happen next or how the narrative will end to add supsense to draw the reader to the story
Compounding Combining two words to make a new word
What is the plot of this story? Denmark, 500 a.d.

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