Beowulf Quiz #2

Who is Unferth? Ecglaf’s Son
What is Unferth annoyed by? Beowulf’s courage and fame
How might Beowulf be described? Conceited warrior
What kind of event did beowulf lose to Brecca? Swimming race
How long did the event last? 7 days
Why did Beowulf lose the race? Protect his friend
How does Unferth feel about Beowulf fighting Grendel? He thinks his luck will change
How many sea monsters did Beowulf kill? 9
Who might be seen as a foil to Beowulf? Unferth
Line 320 states, “You murdered your brothers, your own close kin…you’ll suffer hell’s fire.” Which Anglo-Saxon literary term defines this? Wergilid
In lines 323-334, What is Beowulf’s final response to Unferth’s challenge? If you were strong you could defeat a monster
Name Hrothgar’s wife Wealhteow
What does Hrothgar promise Beowulf in lines 385-391? Full command of Herot plus many treasures
In Beowulf, the visitors to the Danish meadhall are which nationality? Geats
Which literary device is exemplified in the following lines? “Up from his swampland, sliding silently” Alliteration
Which literary device is exemplified in the following lines? “But fate, that night, intended Grendel to gnaw the broken bones of his last supper.” Foreshadowing
How many of Beowulf’s Geats did Grendel kill before he fought Beowulf? 1
What might be the meaning of the following lines? “The infamous killer fought for his freedom, wanting no flesh but retreat, desiring nothing but escape.” Grendel knows he is beaten and longs to leave
How was the great mead hall ‘Fashioned’? Ivory, wood, iron
Who is this line describing: “Of him who of all the men on earth was the strongest.” Beowulf
When Hrothgar’s men built Herot, what was the only thing that could bring it down? Fire
The passage keeps referring to “Higlac’s brave warrior”; Who is this? Beowulf
Beowulf defeats Grendel by? Ripping off his arm
Ultimately, how does Grendel die? He bleeds to death
Referring to Grendel as “that shadow of death” is an example of Kenning
Whom does Grendel’s mother kidnap after her son’s death? Hrothgar’s friend
What did she steal from the mead hall? Grendel’s arm
What does Hrothgar ask Beowulf to do about Grendel’s mother? Kill her in her home
Beowulf’s followers are unable to harm Grendel because? He put a spell on all weapons and bewitched every mans blade
What is the name of Beowulf’s sword? Hrunting
Where does Grendel’s mother live? Under water
Describe the battle with Grendel’s Mother? He cuts off her head with a magic sword
What is Beowulf’s final act of revenge? Beheads Grendel’s dead body
What piece of armor saves Beowulf in his battle with Grendel’s Mother? Mail shirt
How does Beowulf kill Grendel’s Mother? Cuts her head off with a sword

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