Beowulf Quiz #1

Who is the King of the Danes? Hrothgar
Where are Hrothgar’s men at the beginning of the story? Herot
Who is Grendel? Why is he unhappy? -Grendel is a monster-he is unhappy because he is always left out and listens to men in the Herot
Who is Grendel’s ancestor? Cain, Adam and Eve’s son who killed his brother
Where is it believed all monsters came from? come from evil side; referred to in the terms of satan
When does Grendel attack the men in Herot? When they fall asleep after drinking too much
How does Grendel kill the men in Herot? he picks them up, smashes them, and drags them out
How many men are dead after Grendel’s first attack? 30
How long does Grendel attack for? 12 years
Why is King Hrothgar never attacked by Grendel? -kings were believed to be chosen by God-going against Hrothagar would be like going against God-blessed by God
How do Hrothgar’s men try to avoid death? -running and hiding-not going back to Herot
When news of Grendel’s attacks travel overseas, who hears of it? Beowulf
What tribe does Beowulf belong to? Geat Tribe
What did Beowulf do before leaving for Denmark? -chooses 14 loyal men to help him-checks with the wisest men of the Geats who say to go because the omens are good
Although Beowulf is not the king of the Geats, what is he? the strongest warrior
What does Beowulf and his men bring to Denmark? weapons, shields, helmets, and chainmail
How does Beowulf get to Denmark? sails
When Beowulf arrives in Denmark, who does he meet? Hrothgar’s lieutenant
What is Hrothgar’s lieutenant’s job? to guard the coast line of Denmark
When Hrothgar’s lieutenant asks Beowulf who he is, how does Beowulf answer? I am Beowulf, son of edgetho
What does Beowulf pledge to do when talking to Hrothgar? to fight Grendel with just his hands
Where does Beowulf and his 14 men sleep? in Herot
How does Beowulf defeat Grendel? by ripping his arm off
What did we discover about Grendel’s skin? it can’t be scratched by any sword because he put a spell on his skin
What did Beowulf hang on the rafters of Herot? Grendel’s arm, claw, and shoulder
Who wrote Beowulf? Anglo-saxons
What were the two tribes in Beowulf? Danes (Denmark) Geats (Sweden)
How do we know Grendel is a monster? he is huge, has paws, and can think/reason
What does the king say about Grendel’s attacks? He knows the first attack is just the beginning
Who is the King of the Geats? King Higlac (Beowulf’s uncle)
tiny links of iron to protect soldiers’ chests since the sword would get caught in it chainmail
Who is Beowulf’s father? Edgetho
What Danish man doubts Beowulf? Unferth
What does Unferth say about Beowulf? he couldn’t win a simple swim meet
How does Beowulf respond to Unferth? -he was swimming when his competitor was attacked by sea monsters-Beowulf fought off the sea monsters while his competitor won
How does Grendel kill one of Beowulf’s men? eats him
What happens to Herot when Grendel and Beowulf fight? it shakes but dosen’t fall

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