Beowulf quiz

Grendel is annoyed by the happiness and singing of the creation stories, by warriors what annoys Grendel and leads to his attacks?
universal conflict: battle of good and evil what Universal conflict lies behind his war with the Danes?
he travels to Herot to rid the Danes of Grendel why does Beowulf travel to herot?
it shows that he is brave, cares about others, and hates evil and suffering what do Beowulf’s motives for the trip tell you about his character?
Grendel hates others and loves evil and suffering. Beowulf is the ideal of goodness and Grendel is the personification of evil how does the contrast between Grendel and Beowulf turn their conflict into a fight between good and evil?
by conquering Grendel, Beowulf has not only ended the life of the menace that has plagued the danes, but he has eradicated the presence of an evil from the world Beowulf’s defeat of Grendel might be described as the defeat of the “dark side” of the warrior’s life. explain
Beowulf embodied the values of he age in which he lived. his culture valued a man who was strong, brave, wise, aware of his duty and God-fearing explain how the poem, by keeping Beowulf’s memory alive keeps a culture’s values alive
Beowulf’s deeds make him a good role model because he helped the Danes and vanquished evil do you think Beowulf’s deed make him a good role model? explain
Beowulf reveals the Anglo-Saxons definitions of evil and good were based on moral and social standards. The evil characters in the poem are portrayed as completely malignant. Their actions are portrayed as morally wrong and anti social. On the other hand, good characters, such as Beowulf live within the moral and social boundaries. How does literature shape or reflect society [Big Question] What does Beowulf reveal about the way in which Anglo-Saxons defined evil and good?
the creation story, the labeling of Grendel as the enemy of God, and Beowulf’s attributing his gifts to God all reflect Christian beliefs. what details show the importance of Christian beliefs in the epic?
Beowulf boasts of his skill; he often mentions fate; he speaks of people remembering him. what details reveal the importance of pagan warrior values, such as a belief in fate, a taste for boasting, a pride in loyalty, and a desire for fame?
Beowulf is strong and of noble birth. List two characteristics that make Beowulf a legendary hero.
Grendel is a descendent of cain who is Grendel a descendent of?
land of the Danes who lives in Denmark?
he goes to the mead hall and kills people very night what does Grendel do because of his anger
a gathering place for warriors, like a barracks where men can meet, eat, sleep and are provided for by their king, who is grateful for their loyalty and service What is a mead hall?
Hrothgar Who is the king of the Danes?
they incorporated God, Cain, the devil, thanks to God, heaven and hell what Christian values did the monks add when rewriting this story?
he is intelligent and his motivation tying back to his ancestor’s sins he is actively seeking revenge and thinking monster Why is Grendel not an average wild animal who is working on instinct to kill?
12 years how long did Grendel terrorize the Danes before Beowulf arried
land of the Geats who lived in Sweden
being victorious in battle, riding the country of al giants, and slaying sea monsters what are the achievements that Beowulf tells Hrothgar?
he finds it honorable because the monster has no weapons either why does Beowulf fight Grendel barehanded?
it was a patriarch society why are references often made to their fathers?
in memorial to all those who were killed by the monster and to show that the monster had been defeated why does Beowulf hang Grendel’s arm?
Grendel antagonist
beowulf protagonist
archetypal elements epic challenge, events coming in threes, Good triumphs over evil, Legendary hero proves himself abroad (quest) and becomes a wise and virtuous leader
epic poem long, narrative poem, passed down by oral tradition which reflects cultural values
wise and virtuous ruler which archetypal character reigns during peace and prosperity?
dreamer or transgressor which archetypal character imagines new possibilities and defies danger to bring a gift to society
hero which archetypal character is an unpromising youth who triumphs over stronger forces through cleverness, virtue and becomes a wise, strong and courageous leader
Archetypal patterns what makes the story easy remember and retell
protagonist main character
antagonist person or force that opposes the protagonist
example of archetypal pattern series of tests that the character must pass
example of archetypal pattern quest or task that a character must complete
example of archetypal pattern characters, events or objects that come in threes
example of archetypal pattern a fair and just end that rewards good or punishes evil
hero code to become a leader a young warrior must prove himself in battle

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