Beowulf questions

Why does Hrothgar build a mighty hall? to celebrate his successes in battle, it is called Heorot, like a throne room
What transpires in Heorot to make Grendel angry? good times, he cannot enjoy himself because he is cursed as a descendant of Cain
What is Grendel’s lineage? he is a descendant of Cain, is condemned as an outcast
Why has Grendel been exiled? God outcasted him
What happens during Grendel’s first visit to Heorot? he grabs and kills several men as they slept
How long does Grendel haunt Heorot? for 12 years
Why doesn’t Grendel attack Hrothgar? Hrothgar’s throne was as if it had a spell on it, Grendel, being cursed by God, could not approach
To what measures do Hrothgar and his nobles resort to rid themselves of Grendel? they pray at shrines, gave offerings, made oaths
How does Beowulf react when he hears of the plight of the Danes? he decides to journey to help Hrothgar and the Danes at Heorot, his own clansmen worried for him
How are Beowulf and his men received on Danish shore? they are met by watchmen
Why does Beowulf describe himself by recounting his heritage? he knows that his own father was a friend of Hrothgar’s, the guards will trust him more. He has gone to defeat Grendel and repay Hrothgar for helping his father
How does the watchman respond to Beowulf’s explanation of why they have come? he believes Beowulf because they look Legit. He offers to lead them to Hrothgar and have one of his men watch over their boat
According to the herald, what distinguishes Beowulf’s visit from others? Beowulf’s gang looks Legit
Who is Wulfgar? he is Hrothgar’s herald and officer
According to Wulfgar, why has Beowulf come all this way? to meet Hrothgar and to defeat Grendel
What does Beowulf boat when he meets Hrothgar? of his awesome strength and victories in battle
What request does Beowulf make? he asks that Hrothgar allows him to fight Grendel
If Beowulf dies in battle with Grendel, what are his instructions? to send his armor back to his Lord Hygelac
How did Hrothgar become king? he became king after his brother died
What is the purpose of the feast that Hrothgar hosts? to celebrate that Beowulf has come to help him
Why does Unferth seem perplexed by Beowulf’s stories? Unferth is son of Ecglaf. He questions Beowulf as he heard of Beowulf’s loss at a swimming contest. He is likely jealous.
How did Unferth describe the swimming match between Beowulf and Brecca? claims that Beowulf is not so great because Brecca beat him and he only did it to prove himself, out of vanity
What is Beowulf’s response to Unferth’s story of the swimming match? that Unferth doesn’t know the whole story. Beowulf claims he was captured by sea monsters, ends up slaying 9 monsters then finished the winner
What is Wealtheow like? she is adorned in gold and offers the cup of mead to the men
What is Hrothgar’s declaration to Beowulf? that Beowulf can have anything he wants if he wins over Grendel
What is Beowulf’s boast before going to bed? that he is at least as good at fighting as Grendel
What do Beowulf’s men think of their chances against Grendel? none of them expect to survive
How does Grendel respond when he comes to Heorot? he is gleeful and greedy to kill when he sees all the men sleeping
What happens when Grendel reaches for Beowulf? Beowulf isn’t actually asleep and grabs Grendel
What happens when Beowulf’s men attack Grendel? they are unable to strike him, like a spell that didn’t allow for the use of weapons
What happens at the end of the fight between Beowulf and Grendel? Beowulf has Grendel’s arm and raises it up
What are the reactions of Hrothgar’s people upon hearing the news of Grendel’s death? people are in high spirits, gather from all over to praise Beowulf
What is the lake like that Grendel goes to? it is swampy, full of blood from Grendel, churning`
Who is Siegmund? he was a dragon slayer. they talk about him because his story is similar to that of what Beowulf has just accomplished
What does Hrothgar proclaim when he sees Grendel’s arm hanging from the ceiling? He thanks God, and says that he thinks of Beowulf as a son
What is Unferth’s reaction to Grendel’s arm? he is quiet, as he has been shown up by Beowulf
What gifts does Hrothgar give Beowulf? a gold standard, an embroidered banner, breast mail, a helmet, a sword and horses
What gifts does Hrothgar give Beowulf’s men? a treasure, money
How were the bodies of the dead disposed of in Anglo-Saxon times? they were burned in a funeral pyre
Who are the sons of Hrothgar? Hrethric and Hrothmund. they attend the feast so they can learn from Beowulf
What gifts does Wealtheow give Beowulf? she gives him wrought gold, arm bangles, a mail shirt, rings, and she asks him to guide her sons
Why did the Danes sleep with their armor on? so they would be ready at any moment to fight
How long had Grendel’s mother lived in the lake? ever since Cain had killed his brother
Why does Grendel’s mother go to Heorot? for revenge on the men who had killed her son
Whom does Grendel’s mother snatch? Aeschere, Hrothgar’s right-hand man
Who had witnessed the Grendel and his mother before the attacks? the people who lived out in the upland country
Where did Grendel and his mother live? a dark lake, with trees and rocks and a cliffside
According to Beowulf, what is the only thing that survives death? glory
What do Hrothgar’s men discover on their search for Grendel’s mother? Aeschere’s head
What was the lake like? infested with reptiles, sea-dragons, a cliff
What equipment does Beowulf take with him to fight Grendel’s mother? he wears chain mail, a helmet, and wields Hrunting, the sword Unferth gave him
What is the significance of Hrunting? it was given to Beowulf by Unferth, had never failed anyone in battle
How effective were Beowulf’s weapons against Grendel’s mother? he couldn’t use his weapons, they didn’t work on her
How does Beowulf eventually slay Grendel’s mother? Beowulf uses a giant’s sword in her lair and cuts her head off
What does Beowulf do to Grendel’s body? he cuts his head off and puts it on a spear
What is happening at the surface while Beowulf fights underwater? the men see blood in the water and believe Beowulf is probably dead
What happens to Hrunting? the blade melts leaving only the hilt, from Grendel’s mother’s blood
What does Beowulf take with him as a trophy? The head of Grendel on a spear and the hilt of the sword
To what does Beowulf tribute his victory over Grendel’s mother? God
What is Hrothgar’s reaction to what is written on the hilt of the sword? there are engravings of the story of Noah’s Ark. it is like ridding Hrothgar;s kingdom of evil
What has Hrothgar to say about the role of pride in a leader? he warns Beowulf of what can happen if he gives way to pride
What gift does Beowulf give Unferth before he leaves to go home? the hilt of Hrunting
What does Beowulf vow to the Danes before leaving? that if they ever need anything, he will come help
What are Hrothgar’s final words to Beowulf? he cries as he realizes he will never see Beowulf again
What was hygelac’s queen like? Hygd is young, thoughtful, and polite.
How does Beowulf relate the story of Hrothgar to Hygelac? thoroughly, he also talks about Hrothgar’s daughters which had not been previously mentioned
Why might Ingeld be angry to see Beowulf wearing his ancestral armor and weapons at the wedding? it would be the armor from the Heathobards that the Geats had killed
Why is the chapter devoted to retelling the stories? to recap what has happened and boast
How does Hygelac reward Beowulf? he gives him gold, a sword, land, and makes him next-in-line for the throne
How does Hygelac die and who is king next? Hygelac dies in battle with the Shylfings. Beowulf becomes king
What happens 50 years into Beowulf’s reign? a slave steals a goblet and the dragon awakens
Why did the slave steal from the dragon? in an attempt to buy his way out of slavery
How did the dragon’s lair come to have so much treasure? someone had buried all the riches from a now-extinct race there, the dragon just stumbled upon them
Why does Beowulf think the dragon was awakened? Beowulf thinks that the dragon is angered because of some failure of his own
Why does Beowulf recount his glory days before fighting the dragon? because he knows he will die, wants to relive those memories
Why does Beowulf announce he will fight the dragon alone? he believes it is his fate to face the dragon and die alone, it is not their fight
What do Beowulf’s men do as Beowulf fights? Most run away, only one remains to go in and help Beowulf fight, Wiglaf
Who is Wiglaf? one of Beowulf’s men, son of Weohstan
What prior battle experience does Wiglaf have? none
How effective is Beowulf’s sword, Naegling? the sword broke, didn’t help him
What is Beowulf’s dying wish? he wants Wiglaf to bring him some treasure form the dragon’s stash to see what he died for
How does Beowulf react to the treasure? he thanks God for letting him see it before he died
What are Beowulf’s funeral instructions? he wants a barrow and a funeral pyre that will be sent out to sea
How do Beowulf’s men behave after the fight? they were ashamed, they watch Wiglaf try to keep Beowulf alive
What does Wiglaf tell beowulf’s men? that they are cowards, they broke comitatus, no longer welcome in the mead hall
According to the messenger, what might Beowulf’s kingdom now expect? attacks from foreigners because their king has fallen
Why does Wiglaf decree that all treasure be burned? it wasn’t worth Beowulf dying for
What role does fate play in Beowulf’s death according to Wiglaf? that Beowulf had carried out his destiny, fate was cruel
What do the Geats do with the dragon’s body? they throw the body over the cliff
What is Beowulf’s funeral pyre like? 4-square, with helmets, shields, armor, with Beowulf laid in the middle
What is the role of the 12 horsemen around Beowulf’s monument? to protect it, recounting stories of Beowulf’s accomplishments

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