Beowulf Questions

Who was Grendel Joyless giantDescended from Cain murderer
For how long did Grendel haunt Heorot Hall 12 long winters
Who was Beowulf Leader of band, great hero of Geats
What favor does Beowulf ask of Hrothgar 1. let your people rest and let us kill Grendel 2. Send his battle shirt back to his King
How does Beowulf intend to fight Grendel Hands no weapons
Why was Unferth angry Bc someone else had to kill Grendel and he couldn’t
Why wouldn’t the swords of Beowulfs men hurt Grendel They had a spell on them
How did Beowulf win the battle against Grendel He ripped Grendel’s arm off
Who does the bard compare Beowulf to Sigurd
Why did Beowulf permit Grendel to kill one of his warriors? Was his decision wise or heroic? Explain Wise Bc it prepared himself to kill
What did Grendel’s mother take to her den Grendels arm
What does Hrothgar ask Beowulf to do? Kill Grendels mom
What does Beowulf ask Hrothgar to do for him if he should die? Send the treasure he gave him to his King
What did Beowulf use to kill Grendel’s mother Giants sword
What 2 things did Beowulf take as a trophy? Grendels head and the jeweled hilt of the giant sword
Why does the Beowulf poet make Grendel’s mother stronger and more difficult to kill than her son? What effects does this have on Beowulf’s heroism Bc it makes for a better story and makes him look like an even greater hero
If Hrothgar had not honored Beowulf for killing Grendel, do you think Beowulf would have killed Grendel’s mother? Why or why not Yes Bc he did it for the fame and heroism, the $ was just an extra award
Why did the slave take the gold goblet from the barrow To give to his master to be forgiven for what he did
What did the dragon do for revenge? He punished the weather gates by burning them
Why did Beowulf not listen to the nobles who advised him not to kill the dragon? He wanted to protect his people
What did the storm Geats who accompanied Beowulf do when they saw Beowulf losing the battle? Ran away to save their own lives
Who went to help Beowulf Wiglaf, his nephew
What does Beowulf ask Wiglaf to do after they burn his body? Build a barrow for him
What happened to the ten men who did not help Beowulf They suffered by having to give up everything
What was done with the dragons treasure? Most was burned Other was buried with Beowulf
Wealth is good or evil? Good Bc it was buried with Beowulf to show honor
Germanic hero-courage Beowulf fights Grendel, Grendels mom, & dragon
Germanic hero- skill in battle Killing Grendel with his own hands & kills Grendels mom with Giant sword
Germanic hero- loyalty Loyal to his people/ protects them, loyal to Hrothgar by killing Gs mom

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