Beowulf Questions

Who is the king first discussed in the poem? King Scyld
What is the name of the mead hall that Hrothgar builds? Heorot
How long is the mead hall abandoned because of Grendel’s raids? Twelve years
Who is the current king of the Danes? King Hrothgar
Why does Beowulf stand out among his men? He is physically imposing. His strength is like thirty men’s strength.
Briefly describe the conversation between Unferth and Beowulf. Unferth is jealous and wants Beowulf and Breca to challenge each other to a swimming match. Breca ends up being the best man.
What evidence does Beowulf have of his victory over Grendel? He brought the claw/arm of Grendel as evidence.
What pledge does Hrothgar make to Bewoulf after the battle? He will keep him as a son and Beowulf would never want any treasures as long as Hrothgar is king.
What does Beowulf regret about the battle with Grendel? He regrets not killing Grendel where everyone could see.
Who speaks to both Hrothgar and Beowulf at the celebration after Grendel’s death? The queen Wealhtheow
What is significant about AEshere as the victim of Grendel’s mother? AEshere is King Hrothgar’s comrade and most trusted counsellor.
How does Beowulf prepare differently for the battle with Grendel’s mother? He puts on his arm our and weapons this time and uses the sword that Unferth gave to him.
What does Grendel’s mother take with her as she leaves Heorot? She takes AEshere and Grendel’s arm back.
Who loans Beowulf the sword he takes? Unferth
What is the sword’s name that Unferth gave to Beowulf? Hrunting
What happens to the sword that Unferth gave to Beowulf? The sword broke when it hit Grendel’s mother.
How is Beowulf eventually able to slay Grendel’s mother? He uses a sword that he sees hanging on the wall. He thrusts it at Grendel’s mother’s throat.
What happens to the sword Beowulf used in the battle with Grendel’s mother? It melted when Beowulf cut off Grendel’s head and all that was left was the hilt of the sword.
What two items does Beowulf bring with him out of the pool after killing Grendel’s mother? He brings Grendel’s head and the hilt of the sword.
In his speech to Beowulf, what does Hrothgar warn Beowulf to be wary of? He tells him not to be so proud because it could kill him.
What does Beowulf say to Unferth about his sword? He thanks him for the sword even though it broke.
When Beowulf returns to Hygelac’s court, he tells the story of the marriage of Freawaru (Hrothgar’s daughter) to Ingeld to settle a feud. Is this marriage successful? No, he predicts it will cause memories of the feud and they will not be able to keep themselves from continuing to fight.
Hygelac gives a special gift to Beowulf. What is it? He gives him a great deal of treasure and land of his own to rule.
When the fire dragon begins to strike, how long has Beowulf been king? He ruled for fifty years.
Why does the fire dragon. Begin to terrorize Beowulf’s people? A thief stole a jeweled goblet so the dragon went on a rampage, burning down villages until he found the thief.
Who goes with Beowulf to confront the dragon? Wiglaf and his other kinsmen
What is Beowulf’s mood as he prepares to fight the dragon? He is not as confident as he was when he fought Grendel and is reluctant to die. He knows he is older than he used to be.
Who is the only person to stand with Beowulf as he fights the dragon? Wiglaf
How does the battle turn out? Beowulf got bit on the neck by the dragon. He finds out the bite is venomous and begins to swell and burn. Eventually he dies from it.
What does Wiglaf tell the others who were at the battle with the dragon? He says that Beowulf’s generosity was wasted on them. He suggests that the Geats will be attacked and Beowulf won’t be able to protect them.
What do the Geats do with Beowulf’s body? They build him a funeral pyre decked with armor and then they lit the fire.
What memorial is created for Beowulf? The Geats place Beowulf’s remains on a cliff in a barrow above the sea so it will be visible to all passing ships.

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