Beowulf part 2

Who attacks the mead hall after Grendel dies? Grendel’s mother
What happens when the warriors awake to see Grendel’s mother in the hall? They instantly grab their weapons (did not put on their helmets)
How did Grendel’s mother react to being seen by the people in the mead hall? How many people did she take? She panicked and immediately tried to escape (was filled with moral terror). She is only to grab one retainer before she flees Heorot
Who did Grendel’s mother kill? What is the significance of this? Grendel’s mother killed Aeschere. This is significant because he was a good friend and advisor to Hrothgar (he was upset when he died)
How does Hrothgar react to the attack by Grendel’s mother? He is upset and furious because the Danes are in danger again and he lost his friend. However, he realizes she has a motive for her attacks
What is the motive for Grendel’s mother to attack Heorot? Beowulf killed Grendel
How are Grendel and his mother described? What is so important about this? Grendel and his mother are described as fatherless outcasts. This is significant because in this society you are identified with your father
How does Grendel look in comparison to his mother? Grendel looks as if he is warped into a man, while his mother looks more human
How does Beowulf try to raise the spirits of Hrothgar when he is down? Beowulf tries to raise the spirit of Hrothgar when he is down by telling him that they must avenge Aeschere so his death is not in vain
Who is Aeschere the brother of? Yrmenalf
What gift is given to Beowulf before he goes to fight Grendel’s mother? Who gives him this gift? Before Beowulf engages Grendel’s mother, he is given a sword by Unferth (person who tried to say Beowulf was not a good warrior earlier)
What is the name of the sword given to Beowulf? Hrunting
How long does Beowulf stay under water for? About a day
What does Beowulf say will happen when he is given the new sword for the first time? He will gain glory or he will die
True or false: The sword that is given to Beowulf does a lot of damage to Grendel’s mother False. The sword does not do any damage to her
True or false: The fight between Beowulf and Grendel’s mom is a one on one False. Sea beasts attack Beowulf
What saves Beowulf from dying? His armor, because Grendel’s mother is not able to break it
Who is said to have decided the victor of the fight between Beowulf and Grendel’s mother? God
Besides a retainer, what else does Grendel’s mother take from Heorot? Grendel’s arm that was hanging in the hall as a trophy
What does Beowulf find in the lair of Grendel’s mother? An ideal sword that had been made in the time of the giants
How does Beowulf defeat Grendel’s mother? He cuts her head off with the sword that he finds
What did Beowulf do after he defeated Grendel’s mother? He cut off the head of the corpse of Grendel
What happened to the sword that Beowulf found after cut the heads of Grendel and his mother off? What was left? After Beowulf had cut both Grendel and his mother’s head off the blade of the sword began to melt because the blood was so tanted. All that remained was the gold and diamond encrusted handle
What do the Danes do when they see the blood rise out of the water? The Geats? The Danes leave because they believe that Beowulf is dead but the Geats stay and do not give up hope
What do the Danes find on the cliff in front of the lake where the lair is? The head of Aeschere
True or false: Beowulf takes all the treasure he can from the lair of Grendel False. The only treasure he takes is the golden handle of the sword he used in battle
True or false: Beowulf takes the head of both Grendel and his mother False. Beowulf only takes the head of Grendel back up because Grendel was the true target
How many days has Beowulf been in Denmark? About 3 or 4
How many people did it take to carry the head of Grendel? What does this show? It took 4 men to carry Grendel’s head. This shows the strength of Beowulf as he brought it up with him by himself
What does Beowulf bring up from the lair? Grendel’s head, the handle of the sword and Hrunting
What do the Geats do as soon as Beowulf emerges? They take off his armor
When Hrothgar is talking to Beowulf about power, to whom does he tell Beowulf about? Heremond, who behaved poorly to Ecgwala’s sons and brought no joy to the Danes
What happened to Heremond over time? He lost his gold and power as he did not thank where he got it (God) and was not very nice to the people
What is a new trait that we learn about Hygelac? That he is a young king
How many treasures did Beowulf receive from Hrothgar? Beowulf receives 12 treasures
What do we learn about Hrothgar as Beowulf is leaving? He is becoming very old and starting to lose his senses
What is now established after Beowulf’s deeds? A permanent friendship between the Danes and Geats, even after their past
What will make Hrothgar big with the Geats? His generosity (expected some in return)
As soon as Beowulf’s ship docks, what happens? The treasure is brought to shore
What does Beowulf give the lookout from Denmark? A golden sword (will earn him a high seat in Heorot)
Who is Hygd? What is she called? Hygd is the queen of the Geats (aunt of Beowulf). She is called the daughter of Haereth
Who is Hygd compared to? Queen Modthryth who is a terrible queen, but turns good after marrying Offa)
What does Hygd do for the warriors? What is this similar to? Hygd pours the ale for the warriors, similar to how Wealtheow did in Heorot
What does Hygelac say to Beowulf when he returns? What does this mean? Hygelac says that he wished Beowulf had not gone. This means that Hygelac values the life of Beowulf over helping the Danes
What does Beowulf do with all the treasure he was given? He gives it all away, as he has his glory
What surrounds the lair of Grendel? What does thus symbolize? The water around Grendel’s lair was on fire and there were sea beasts. It is a symbol of Hell
What does Beowulf do at the top of the cliff above the lair? He kills a sea beast with a bow and arrow
What is the point of telling the story of Heremond to Beowulf? The point of this story is to show that one can only have power and wealth for a short time and that one must be kind during that time
What does the sword that Unferth gave to Beowulf symbolize? It symbolizes that they are friends and realize they are on the same side fighting a common enemy
Why does Beowulf say he is fighting Grendel’s mother For treasure and glory
True or false: Beowulf fears death False, he has no fear of dying in battle
What does Hrothgar say to Beowulf in the speech he gives him after Beowulf defeats Grendel’s mother? He says nothing is stable and that danger always is coming. Also, he tells Beowulf that no matter how good he is, death will always come
What does Beowulf tell Hrothgar after he returns to Heorot after beating Grendel’s mother? Him and the Geats would like to return to Hygelac’s court
True or false: Beowulf has supernatural powers False. His abilities were natural and God-sent
True or false: Beowulf was always the powerful warrior we read about False. Beowulf was once a weak, regular person
Which hand did Beowulf take from Grendel? Right
What was the name of the Geat that Grendel killed? Handscio
True or false: Beowulf said all the glory he got was for him False. He said it was for his king and his people
What group was a former enemy of the Danes? The Heathobards
Who is the daughter of Hrothgar? Who is she engaged to? The daughter of Hrothgar is Freawaru. She is engaged to Ingeld, a Heathobard (hopes to patch up the differences of the two)
How does Beowulf feel about Hrothgar marrying her daughter to a Heathobard? He thinks it will not work because the Danes will show up the wedding with armor and swords of the dead Heathobards
Which Heathobard prince died, allowing the Danes to capture them? Wethergeld
What did Grendel have attached to his body? A pouch that was stitched of many dragon skins (foreshadows the next foe of a dragon)
What was significant about the armor Hrothgar gave to Beowulf? The armor was his brother’s (King Heorogar), which was supposed to go to his son (Heoroweard)
What are new traits of the Heoric Code that we learn? 1. Advising (advises Hrothgar and his sons)2. Skilled speaking (Hrothgar praises Beowulf’s use of words)
According to Beowulf who is his opponent and how long Breca and 5 days
What can Grendel do Invulnerable to weapons
What is a request that Beowulf has if he dies fighting Grendel? That his armour be taken back to his King
How many men join Beowulf on his quest to kill Grendel? 14
The poem is set in? Scandinavia
Grendel dies…..? After returning to his lair

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