Beowulf Movie Questions

Why do you think they made the movie animation? What does it add? Action scenes became more unrealistic and entertaining, it added details to the villians that wouldnt be able to be done in an unanimated movie. It also avoided the an R rating in the movie theters.
What sets Wealthow apart from the other Danish women? She isnt englufed in the mainstream attutude which consists of partying and sleeping with the most heroic thane
how did Grendel’s appearence develop him as both a villian and a victim As a villian he is first scene as huge and strong, but as a victim he is the size of a child and weak
how did beowulf’s battle witg Grendel establish him as both a hero and villian He was a hero in the eyes of the Scyld’s for killing Grendel but in another sence Grendel was a child and didnt know any better so he was a victim
what is symbolic about the dragon’s cup and why is it added to the movie the dragons cup was a sybol of the cycle moving and continuing
analyze the relationship between wealthow and hrothgar He is an old sloppy and she just wants to be freed from him
Both wiglaf and hrothgar appear to take on the role of father figures to beowulf. Analyze their influence on the hero Wiglaf influences Beowulf to do better and be a hero, Hrothgar just wants him to defeat Grendel and be glorified
Why is the scene where Grendel’s mother seduces Beowulf added to the movie? What does it add to the movie plot? Do you agree or disagree with it being added? It shows her as glory and his inablility to resist it. It adds another unheroic aspect to his character just as Zemeckis has been doing.
Explain the seemingly never ending cycle implied in the Faustine contract made between the hero and the Femme fatale The hero will always pick glory and then when he doesn’t want anymore the deal is off of his soul is hers
Why is hrothgar’s death necessary for multiple reasons The cycle need to continue and it shows what happened to the old hero
Why does but I will say “the time of heroes is now dead” what does this tell us about what Beowulf thinks of himself He, the best of heroes betrayed heroism killing heroism as a whole. He knows he has failed
Explain the scene with the Frisian warrior. Why does Beowulf not kill him? Why does the Frisian not try to attack Beowulf? Why does Beowulf will feel invincible? He would be giving him glory, he would be fighting an unarmed man, he cannot lose a battle
Why is the character Ursula added to the movie what is her role? Ursula plays Beowulf’s mistress. They added her to make him look like even less of a hero
Explain the dragons message “the sins of the fathers “ The sins of all the heroes who slept with Grendel’s mother and became the father of demons
What does the dragons cop represents as a symbol Glory, greed in the cycle
How does the battle with the Dragon mirror the battle with Grendel? Why was this done? Both times sons attacked and the innocent people were harmed by their leaders actions
Explain the time temptation at the end of the movie do you think Wiglaf will make the same mistake as both Hrothgar and Beowulf since he knows the truth explain I’m not sure what Wiglaf will do because he seems like he would give in but he knows the truth so I don’t think so, he knows the price to pay
Some characters in the movie become aligned with modern concepts identify the modern parallel to each character service to represent Grendel’s mother-greed/glory (everyone gives into greed) Beowulf – a corrupt society/no real hero (no one is perfect)Grendel & Dragon- The consequences of greedUnferth- christianity (it is weak and needs help)
Based on the movie it was Beowulf a hero what makes someone a hero to heroes have to be perfect explain He was a corrupt hero, he did good things but for the wrong reasons like fame and glory. He would have had to ignore Grendel’s mother and kill her instead of falling for her tricks to be perfect

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