Beowulf Kennings and Epithets

blood-ember axe
spear-din battle
battle-sweat blood
wound-sea blood
breaker of rings king
raven-havest corpse
sleep of the sword death
flame-farewelled death
bane of wood fire
sun of the houses fire
seeds of the Fyris Wolds gold
serpent’s lair gold
Sif’s hair gold
Kraki’s seed gold
Freyja’s tears gold
Mind’s worth honor
bait-gallows hook
feed the Eagle killing
Baldur’s bane Mistletoe
Grimnir’s lip-streams Poetry
swan of blood raven
whale-road sea
sail road sea
whale’s way sea
swan-road sea
valley-trout serpent
headland of swords shield
wave-steed ship
sea-steed ship
sky candle sun
sky’s jewel sun
glory of elves sun
blood-worm sword
icicle of blood sword
wound-hoe sword
onion of war sword
weather of weapons war
feeder of ravens warrior
destroys of eagle’s hunger warrior
breaker of trees wind
bone-cage skeleton
gold-friend good friend
Hell-serf demon
shield-bearers warriors
war-gear armor
chain mail armor
word-hoard speech
Prince of the Weders Beowulf
Son of Ecgtheow Beowulf
The Geatish hero Beowulf
Lord of the seamen Beowulf
Midnight stalker Grendel
Woodland walker Grendel
Bone crusher Grendel
Blood gusher Grendel
Human killer Grendel
dread of the land Grendel
Terror-monger Grendel
Captain of evil Grendel
bone house body
battle light sword
wave-floater ship
seal bath sea
Earl’s defence Beowulf
sky plague dragon
breast webbing mail shirt
carcass flame pyre
earth fort cave
hot bone-house pyre
Heaven’s lamp sun

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