Beowulf Epic Hero Cycle

Part 1: The main character is a hero with supernatural abilities. Beowulf has super strength and can hold his breath under water for hours.
Part 2: The Hero is charged with a quest Beowulf goes to kill Grendel
Part 3: The hero is tested to prove himself worthy of the quest Unferth challenges Beowulf and Beowulf answers the challenge by telling the story of a swimming race.
Part 4: The presence of mythical beings and human helpers. The warriors that go with him to kill Grendel and Wiglaf, who helps with the dragon.
Part 5: Hero travels to a supernatural world where normal humans cannot go Underwater lair of the Grendel family
Part 6: Low point where the hero almost gives up Beowulf is almost defeated when Grendel’s mother stabs him and his sword fails.
Part 7: A resurrection Beowulf finds the magical sword forged by giants and kills Grendel’s mother
Part 8: Restitution- The hero regains his rightful place in society Beowulf returns victorious and is crowned king.

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