Beowulf Crossword Puzzle

torque necklace of solid metal embossed with jewels
mere a pool of water where Grendel lived
Hygelac Beowulf’s king
Wealhthrow Hrothgar’s queen
Aeschere killed by Grendel’s mother
giants made the sword Beowulf used to kill Grendel’s mother
thirty Number of men Grendel killed in his first assault on the meadhall
Cain Grendel’s evil ancestor, cursed by God
fourteen number of men Beowulf took with him from his homeland
melt the blade of the sword did this after killing Grendel’s mother
Unferth jealous of Beowulf’s reputation
Hrothgar king of the Danes
Heorot meadhall
arm What Grendel leaves in Heorot after his battle with Beowulf
head Beowulf takes this form the Troll-dam’s cave
Shield Founder of DanishParalleled Moses story
Herothgar Built Heorot
Hyjad Queen of Geats
Herebeald Killed by brother in hunting accident
Wealhthroww Queen of Denmark
Herdred Hygelac’s son who becomes kind
Aescheree Killed by Grendel’s mother
Ethgaro Beowulf’s father
Brecka Wrestles out in the ocean

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