beowulf crossword

hygelac king of the geats
waegmunding beowulf’s and wiglaf’s family name
heorot hrothgar’s famous mead-hall
scyld first danish king
beowulf hero that defeats grendel
naegling beowulf’s sword
breca had a swimming contest with grendel
hrothgar king of danes
danes hrothgars people
hrunting name of the sword that unferth lent to beowulf to fight grendels mother
scop an anglo-saxon poet, historian, and singer
sweden location of the geats
hygd queen of the geats
aeschere hrothgars favourite thane, eaten by grendels mother
grendel monster who raided Heorot for 12 years
unferth hrothgars spokesman who taunts beowulf about breca
wiglaf fought sidebar side with beowulf against the dragon
wealtheow queen of danes
cain ancestor of grendels
hrothulf nephew of hrothgar who betrays him
dragon beowulf killed him but died in fight
denmark location of the danish tribe
gets beowulf’s people

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