Beowulf Comprehension Questions

Hrothgar Who is King of the Danes (Denmark)?
he repaid their loyalty with the spoils of victory How was Hrothgar generous to his knights?
a huge hall, or stronghold What did King Hrothgar build for this people?
Heorot What was the name of Hrothgar’s stronghold?
to entertain the knights with feasts and music and protect them from enemies Why did Hrothgar build Heorot?
they were gone and the walls and floor were splattered with blood and gore After the night’s festivities, what happened to King Hrothgar’s guests?
Grendel Who did Hrothgar say did this?
gigantic monster, part human, part devil, part animal How is Grendel described?
of great goodness What kind of person did it take to kill Grendel?
bottom of the lake forever in water caves with his monster mother and other evil creatures Where did the magician banish Grendel to live?
Grendel killed them and carried their bodies off to the caves What happened to the ten more knights who guarded the next feast?
troubador Who escaped Grendel’s second attack on Heorot?
a part of Sweden called Jutland, the land of the Geats Where did the troubador go?
Hygelac Who is King of the Geats?
Beowulf Who decided that he would conquer Grendel?
King Hygelac’s 18 year old nephew Who was Beowulf?
a swimmer of superhuman endurance What power did Beowulf have?
entered a swimming contest, storm created whirlpools, dashed against cliffs, nixies attacked him, Beowulf killed them all How did Beowulf prove this superhuman strength?
clutched rocks with one hand and used his weapons with the other How did Beowulf survive the nixies?
gave him his own precious sword How did Hygelac reward his nephew?
Nageling What was the sword’s name?
14 How many men did Beowulf take to Denmark?
he begged him not to undertake the mission What was King Hrothgar’s first reaction to Beowulf’s decision to go after Grendel?
hand-to-hand combat How did Beowulf think Grendel would be defeated?
Grendel killed them What happened to Beowulf’s men when Grendel came?
grabbed one of his arms and pulled it off How did Beowulf injure Grendel?
hung it from a beam on the ceiling of Heorot What did Beowulf do with Grendel’s arm?
a great feast What did Hrothgar order after Beowulf defeated Grendel?
Queen Wealtheow Who is King Hrothgar’s wife?
a gold ring and necklace named Brisingamen What did Queen Wealtheow give to Beowulf?
Grendel’s mother because she was mad at his defeat and sad by his slow death Who took revenge on the people at Heorot? Why?
her son’s arm and Asker What did Grendel’s mother take from Heorot?
in the sea’s caves Where would Beowulf have to go to defeat Grendel’s mother?
If I am not back in 2 days, then know that I am dead What were Beowulf’s instructions to Hrothgar and his men before he dove in the sea?
phosphorescent light What began to shine in the watery cavern to guide Beowulf?
Nageling What did Beowulf use to kill the other monsters that clutched him as he was swimming to the cave?
she clasped him in a death grip and he killed her with Nageling What happened when Beowulf and Grendel’s mother battled?
killed him with Nageling What did Beowulf do to Grendel after killing his mother?
the blood of the monsters melted the sword blade What happened to the sword Nageling after he killed the monsters?
the heads of Grendel and Grenel’s mother What did Beowulf hold when he resurfaced?
given treasures How did the Danes show their appreciation to Beowulf?
his home in Jutland Where did Beowulf travel to after his killed the monsters?
Before I die, I shall do still greater deeds What was the last thing that Beowulf said?

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