Beowulf Characters

Hrothgar Danish king, builder of Herot
Beowulf Son of Edgetho, Higlac’s nephew and follower, later king of Geats
Higlac King of Geats, Beowulf’s feudal lord/uncle
Higd Higlac’s wife
Wiglaf Geat warrior, accompanies Beowulf in fight with the dragon, become king after Beowulf dies
Freaw Hrothgar’s daughter, danish princess, married off to settle a fued
Grendel descendant of Cain, man-eating monster who terrorizes the Danes until Beowulf kills him
Grendel’s mother swamp hag, terrorizes Herot after Grendel is killed, stops when Beowulf chops her head off
Dragon Powerful serpant that gaurds treasure, bites Beowulf that leads to his death
Brecca chief of the Brondings, companion of Beowulf
Unferth One of Hrothgar’s warriors, jealous of Beowulf, lent his sword to Beowulf to fight Grendel’s mother
Edgetho Beowulf’s father, notable warrior married to Hrethel’s daughter
Esher Danish nobleman, close friend of Hrothgar, killed by Grendel’s mother
Hermod historical danish king, has very low character
Thrith Offa’s wife, violent young women until she is tamed by her husband
Offa King of angles, husband and tamer of Thrith
Hrunting Unferth’s ancient sword lent to Beowulf to fight Grendel’s mother
Nagling Beowulf’s sword
Geats people of Southern Sweden, Beowulf’s people, precise identification of these people
Danes People terrorized by Grendel and his mother, people of Denmark
Anglo-Saxon virtues (4) bravery, loyalty, generous, friendship (BLGF)
Characteristics of Epic hero (4) Glorified, on a quest, ethical, strong (GOES)

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