Beowulf Character’s

Shild king of danes; father of Beo
Beo Healfdanes father; Shilds son
Healfdane Beos son; Father of 4
Hergar Dies young
Hrothgar son of Healfdane; builds Herot; paid Edgethos wergild; dies in battle
Halga son of healfdane
Yrs married Onela<–King of Swedes
Grendel Monster; descendent of Cain; Kills Hrothgars men, so his men leave for 12 yrs
Beowulf follows Higlac; Geat from Geatland; Great Warrior; Higlac and beowulf are cousins; Beowulf is king for 50 years
Edgetho Beowulf’s father; Killed Hathlaf a wulfing warrior
Wulfgar Prince born to the Swedes famous for strength and wisdom
Higlac Beowulf’s king; King of Geatland; Beowulfs cousin
Hrethal Higlacs father; gave Edgetho his daughter; Beowulf’s grandfather
Unferth Jealous of Beowulf; discourages Beowulf from fighting Grendel, so he brings up a swimming race that Beowulf apparently lost.
Welthow Hrothgars queen
Siegmund uncle of Fitla
Fitla son of Siegmund
Hermod Danish King
Hrothulf Halga’s son; Hrothgars nephew
Esher Ermlafs older brother; Hrothgars close friend; killed by Grendels mother
Higd Higlac’s wife; Hareths daughter
Thrith Killed anyone who looked at her; Offa’s wife
Ingeld married Freaw
Freaw Danish Princess; Hrothgar’s daughter
Hondshew great warrior; Beowulf’s companion; Eaten by Grendel
Onela King of Swedes- Army killed Herdrid; Killed by Beowulf after Beowulf is king
Herot Dane’s mead (drinking hall)
Hrunting Unferth’s ancient sword

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