Beowulf Character List

Beowulf A hero who fights Grendel, Grendel’s Mother and a fire breathing dragon; protagonist
King Hrothgar King of the Danes; Father figure to Beowulf
Grendel A demon that lives in the mead-hall, Heorot
Grendel’s Mother A swamp-hag who wreaks Heorot for vengeance
The Dragon An ancient, powerful serpant that guards treasures in a hill
Shield Sheafson The legendary Danish King from whom Hrothgar is descended
Beow Son of Shield Sheafson, father of Halfdane
Halfdane Father of Hrothgar, Heorogar and Halga; Succeeded Beow
Wealhtheow Wife of Hrothgar
Unferth Warrior who refuses to battle Grendel; jealous of Beowulf
Hrethric Hrothgar’s elder son who is offered advice by Beowulf
Hygelac Beowulf’s uncle
Wiglaf Helps Beowulf fight the dragon whilst all the others run away
Ecgtheow Beowulf’s Father
Kind Hrethal Geatish king that took Beowulf in after the death of his father
Hygd Hygelac’s wife

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