Beowulf chapters 1-16 section summaries

chapter 1 Scyld scefing is the great hero of the Danes. Who is of Odin who dies a tragic death
chapter 2 King Hrothgar is introduced. Grendel attacks the hall for the first time.
chapter 3 Unferth loves Grendel and is introduced. Start talking about grendal and why he attacked the hall
chapter 4 Beowulf is introduced and comes to the land of Danes to meet Hrothgar for the first time and slay grendel
chapter 5 Grendel attacks have aged Hrothgar and made him scared. Unferth blaims Beowulf for drowning his friends
chapter 6 Grendel breaks into the hall and Beowulf defeats him
chapter 7 A Party is held in honor of Beowulf killing Grendel. And the story of Sigmund and fitela is told.
chapter 8 Grendel mother comes to the hall of heorat for revenge and takes unferth with her
chapter 9 They find unferths head. And Beowulf commands his soldiers to Barry it
chapter 10 Beowulf knows his weaknesses
chapter 11 Beowulf defeats Grendel and comes back to the place triumphant. Heading for home
chapter 13 Beowulf vows to protects Hardred the new baby king
chapter 14 Beowulf has war with kind onela and Hadred dies. Beowulf agrees to be king.
chapter 15 Beowulf is getting support from wiglaf and tell the slave to eat honey. And is going up in the mountains to defeat firedrake
chapter 16 Beowulf defeats fire-drake and dies

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