Beowulf and the Seafarer

how has Beowulf changed? Beowulf has become older and isn’t as strong
How is it ironic that Beowulf is abandoned by his followers Beowulf always helped his followers and never abandoned Hrothgar
can Beowulf be symbolic of someone else? who? how? Beowulf can be symbolic of Jesus. He sacrifices himself for his people
what is the point of view of the seafarer someone on a ship (sailor). He is unhappy with life and is freezing, hungry, and alone. He mentions the Mead Halls. He is “drowning” in desolation, sadness, and loneliness. He willingly went out to sea and left the cities and mead halls behind
There are three threats of fate. what are they? illness, age, and an enemy’s sword?
He describes the end of the Anglo-Saxons with this quote? “The world’s honor ages and shrinks”
how does he poke fun at the anglo-saxons? he believes treasures won’t get you into heaven
Examples of why the Anglo-Saxons ended The narrator explains that he wants to move on from the town of the anglo-saxons; he mocks the anglo-saxons culture and they’re buried with treasure; he stresses finding God —Christianity trumps polytheism and paganism

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