Beowulf is an epic of the Anglo- Saxon period/ Dark Ages
What attitude typifies literary works from the Anglo Saxon Period? Loyalty to one’s king and kinsmen should always be a priority
The words ‘wave paths’ and ‘whale road’ (ocean or sea) are like modern day metaphors, but were called ____ during the Anglo- Saxon period kennings
Why has Beowulf come to Herot? to defeat the monster Grendel
Virtues in the warrior culture of the time strengthbraveryloyalty
How does Beowulf respond to Grendel’s attacks he seizes Grendel
what does beowulf display on the rafters of the Great Hall? Grendels severed arm
Who attempts to avenge ( to take vengeance for) the death of Grendel? Grendel’s mother
Grende’s arm disappears from the Great Hall when Grendel’s mother snatches it back
What superhuman ability does Beowulf display as he descends into the ‘mere’ (lake) to battle Grendel’s mom? the ability to hold his breath for hours
How does Beowulf kill Grendel’s mother? he beheads her
What final blow does Beowulf sea Grendel’s ‘dead’ body before he emerges from the mere? He slices off his head
How does the mere change after Grendel’s mother’s death? it is free of horrible creatures that infested it before
what happens to Beowulf after he is victorious in his second battle against Grendel’s mother? he returns to Geatland and eventually becomes king, ruling peacefully for 50 years
Beowulf faces one more battle against evil when he faces off against the dragon. what prompts the sleeping dragon to attack the land of the Geats? a geat peasant/ servant steals a golden cup from the dragon’s treasure hoard
who is the only Geat warrior who doers not flee from the dragon? Wiglaf
How does the dragon kill Beowulf? it bites him in the neck, poisoning him.
Since the Anglo- Saxons do not believe in an afterlife, what makes Beowulf ‘immortal’? the songs and stories the scope sing and tell about him after his heroic death
Mere a lake
Herot a great Anglo- Saxon”hall”
wyrd fate
scop Anglo- Saxon storyteller
Hrothgar a Danish king
Wiglaf a great warrior
Cain biblical brother from whom Grendel is descended
Danes are from Denmark, in Anglo- Saxon they are from Daneland
Beowulf was first written down around 650-800 AD
kenning an Anglo- Saxon metahorical description, usually consisting of 2 or more words
What is a mourning death according to Beowulf avenging a death
Bewoulf refusing to use weapons against Grendel is because integrity and valor in the warrior code dictate that one cannot use a weapon against another who does not fight with a weapon
How long does Beowulf reign as king of the Geats 50 years
after the battle with the dragon, wiflaf is fearful for the future of the gets because he has witnessed the cowardice of the Geatland warriors
how can you tell Beowulf is an epic poem the hero is described as someone with admirable character traits battling to defeat evil.
a whale- road is an example of a wyrd
Best summarizes the theme in Beowulf Good will triumph over evil with the help of God
A central conflict in Beowulf is the struggle between good and evil
what characteristic typical of heroes in Anglo- Saxon epic poems applies to Beowulf? boastfulness
As Beowulf’s foil, this character challenges Beowulf’s strength when he mocks Beowulf about losing the swimming contest to Brecca Unferth
In beowulf when death is described as “journey into darkness” the words are expressing a pagan attitude

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