Why has Grendel been exiled? Grendel has been exiled, together with all monsters, goblins, and forms of evil-by the Almighty- condemned to live beneath the earth.
Why does Hrothgar decide to build a mighty hall? What does he call it? After Hrothgar led the Danes to victory, he commemorated his victory by building a mighty mead hall. He called the hall Herot.
How long does Grendel haunt Herot? Twelve winters
Why does Grendel attack Hrothgar? Hrothgar is protected by God.
Why does Beowulf describe himself by recounting his heritage? Why has he come? Beowulf wants to impress those who do not know him, assert his authority so others will follow him into battle against Grendel, and make clear to all present that he alone deserves the honor of killing the monster
Describe Welthow Welthow is Hrothgar’s “gold-ringed Queen.” She is described as a noble woman who knows “what is right
If Beowulf loses the battle with Grendel, what are his instructions for after his death? Beowulf tell Hrothgar that if Grendel defeats him, the Danish king should send the mail of his armor to Higlac, and return the inheritance he had from Hrethel.
What one request does Beowulf make of Hrothgar? Beowulf asks Hrothgar to allow him and his men alone to drive Grendel from Herot.
Where is Beowulf from? Geatland
Who is Beowulf’s father? Ecgtheow
What is a scop? A poet
What does scabbard mean? A case that holds that holds the blade of a sword
What is a hilt? A hilt is a sword’s handle
What is Grendel’s mother’s name? She is never named
Who lends Beowulf a sword to fight Grendel’s mother? Unferth
What does the word assail mean? Attack
How does Beowulf become King of the Geats? He takes the throne when Hygelac’s son dies
How does Beowulf’s acceptance of fate show his deep sense of responsibility to his people? Beowulf shows loyalty when he saves Hrothgar’s country and his people. He rushes to help Hrothgar whenever it needs him, defeating Grendel, his mother, and the dragon.
How do Beowulf men react to the sight of the dragon gaining victory over Beowulf? Beowulf’s men (except for one) flee when the dragon breathes fire. Wiglaf is the one man that stays behind to help.
What are Beowulf’s Final wishes? A barrowbuilt on top of his funeral pyre that will serve as his memorial.

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