warfare Anglo-Saxon life was dominated by
a fighter a scop was all of the following except
unknown beowulf was written by
epic beowulf is what kind of poem
geat beowulf was a
old english beowulf is written in
the strongest and best how did men become kings?
herot the mead hall in beowulf is called
feared the anglo saxons ___ the sea
kennings to create vivid images and avoid repetition, the anglo saxon poets created poetic metaphors called
5th-6th century denmark the setting of the poem is
hubris hrothgar warns beowulf against
the temptation many felt to break away from society the monsters in the poem symbolize all of the following except
fen dragons many of the monsters seen are
fate the anglo-saxons strongly believed in
an epic hero beowulf is a typical example of
higlac beowulf’s uncle that was killed in battle
wergild the king was responsible for setting this, which was the amount of money paid to the family of a warrior accidentally killed by his own tribe
changing the tone within the first stanza the author foreshadows grendels attacks on the danes by
man vs. beast which of the following is the most predominant conflict in beowulf
delighted after his first kill, grendel feels
they ran away to hide in far away towns the warriors who were able to escape grendel were only able to do so because
12 herot was empty for ___ years before beowulf enters
shadow of death of the following kennings, which would best describe grendel?
his mother is worse and will seek revenge other than his size and strength, grendel is so feared because
enemy of the danes all of the following may describe beowulf except
beowulf enjoys boasting about his accomplishments in which of the following ways does beowulf embody the characteristics of the ideal anglo saxon warrior?
help king hrothgar beowulf/s most important reason for coming to denmark is
beowulf will be victorious the watchman predicts that
a glorious and majestic sight herot is described as
“my lord higlac might think less of me if i let my sword go where my feet were afraid to” beowulf shows his respect to king hrothgar in all of the following lines except
foreshadow grendels death “…intended grendel/to gnaw the broken bones…” these lines
beowulf is stronger than any man he’s fought before as beowulf attacks grendel, grendel immediately realizes that
he has cursed all men’s weapons so they cannot hurt him grendel has an unfair advantage which is
tearing his arm off causing him to bleed to death beowulf kills grendel by
retell stories, follow tracks to see where grendel died, feel no sorrow visitors to herot
is more powerful, kills hrothgar, seeks revenge grendels mother
can hold his breath one of beowulfs larger than life qualities is that
battle hall grendels mother takes beowulf to
bewoulf almost loses but regains strength and kills grendels mother the poem follows a typical plot line in the following way:
denmarks newly restored freedom the sudden light that shines after beowulf kills grendels mother is a symbol for
find grendel and cut his head off before returning to he rot, beowulf decides to
beauty the themes found in the poem concern all of the following except
cain of which biblical character is grendel a descendant of
30 on his first attack how many men does grendel take
king hrothgar who is the one person grendel will not try to kill
evolved around fighting what does this show the reader about the time period
without any weapons how does beowulf intend to fight grendel
its with her own sword what is ironic about how beowulf kills grendels mother
grendels head and the end go grendels moms sword what two things does beowulf take with him
watchmen who best fits the definition of the threshold guardian
king hrothgar and his people who are the helpless
when he hears stories about grendel what is beowulfs call to adventure
almost defeated by grendels mom but regains strength what occurs during beowulfs resurrection
there isn’t one at what point in the story does the refusal of the call take place

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