Where is Geatland located? In Sweden
What is the Mead hall? A High, horn-gabled Mead hall built by Hrothgar to reward his people.
How were wealthy men and women of the Bronze age in Northern Europe Buried? They carry the corpse down to the sea shore. Bring their bodies aboard a ring power sea ready ship. They then surround them with treasure trove.
What four names are Beowulf people known as? War Geats, storm Geats, Sea Geats, and Weather Geats
What are three names Hrothgars people are known as? Ring Danes, Spear Danes, and Bright Danes
Why is Beowulf considered a perfect Warrior? Beowulf is considered a perfect Warrior for not only what he did when he was a young boy but because he’s so brave and has a lot of courage.
What is “Wergild”? The amount of compensation paid by a person committing an offense to the injured party.
What is “Wyrd”? Fate
What is the name of the King of the Danes? Hrothgar
What is the name of the Danes mead-hall? The Hall of the Hart
Describe Grendel. What does he look like? Who is he descended from? Where does he live? Who keeps him company? Grendel is a shadow-walker ghastly and grim. Descended from the race of Caine. The underwater creatures and his mother keep him company.
Why does Grendel hate the Danes? Grendel hates them because they’re happy and cheerful.
How many men did Grendel kill the first time he entered Heorot, and what did he do with their bodies? Grendel killed Thirty Warriors by grabbing and crushing them he also ate some of them.
How long did Grendel terrorize the Danes before Beowulf came to help? 12 Long Winters
How many men came with Beowulf to help the Danes? 14
Besides his plans to kill Grendel, what deed of daring and danger has Beowulf completed that won him honor and Swim in the Swollen Sea-flood and killed nine underwater monsters. while making it back to shore.
What weapon does Beowulf choose to use to fight Grendel? Nothing because he wanted it to be a fair battle because Grendel has no weapons.
Who is Unferth, why does he insult Beowulf? Unferth is the foremost fighter of the fear-Danes and he was jealous of Beowulf and wanted him to back off from fighting Grendel.
Describe the competition Beowulf hat with Breca. What was amazing in that competition? They were both swimming side by side but eventually they split apart. Breca made it back to shore but Beowulf path was filled with monsters he killed 9 monsters and eventually made it back to shore.
Why didn’t the sword of Beowulf men work on Grendel? Grendel put a curse on the sword.
When Beowulf first fights Grendel, how does Beowulf and Grendel? He grabs Grendel’s hand in his mighty battle grip and rips Grendel’s arm off.
How did Grendel’s mother react to Grendel’s death? What did she do? What did she take? Angry and sad her heart flooded with surging sea swell of sorrow and rage. She went into the mead-hall while the Danes were still awake frightened she decided to only kill one person it ended up being the counselor and Hrothgars best friend. When she was running out she took Grendel’s.
What is Hrunting? Unferth blood hardened sharp bladed battle sword.
Where does Beowulf find Grendel’s mother, and how does he get to her? In a sea cave, he climbed down rough-hewn rocks to the bottom of the cliff wall. He walked the loathsome lake and plunge into it’s swirling a seething blood filled waves he went all the way down to the lake floor and walked to he eventually found the cave.
What saved Beowulf from getting killed by Grendel Mother? The Stout mesh of his hand linked battle shirt. The ring link shielded his chest and sheltered his life.
How does Beowulf kill Grendel’s mother? He seized the age-old battle sword hanging up on the wall fashion by a giant Smith. He hit Grendel’s mother with it and she fell to his feet and died.
How does Beowulf kill Grendel’s mother? Grendel gruesome head, in the wonderous jeweled Hilt of the giant sword.
What is the name Beowulf king in Geat-land? Hygelac
When Beowulf returned to Gealand, what did his King reward him with? A far-famed warrior an age old gold-hilted sword, Beagling a prince’s high seat, a fine hall, and a large estate.
How long had Beowulf been king of Geat-land when a dragon begin to ravage his land? 50 years
What is stored in hidden in the Giants Earth below Eagles cliff? Jewels, Rings, fingers and arms, and twisted gold.
Why did the dragon become angry after three hundred years of living alone in the Treasure of the Barrow? Who is the blame for the dragon seeking vengeance? A slave went into the cave the dragon was in to seek shelter. He saw the dragon and saw the old goblet Jeweled and Golden he took the goblet and ran out he offered the cup to his master. The dragon awoken counted all its treasures and notice one was missing he searched high and low and smelt the footprints of the slaves.
How many where are your friends did Beowulf take to accompany him to slay the Dragon? 11 trusted war comrades
How did the dragon react to Beowulf first blow, when he tried to hit it with Naegling? It caused the dragon’s hard heart to flood a new with a surging Sea swell of Rage
How did Beowulf’s Warriors react to seeing Beowulf beat by the Dragon? Their hearts flooding with surging sea swell of horror, Terror, and panic they ended up fleeing.
Who comes to Beowulf’s Aid when he battles the dragon? How is Beowulf related to him? Wiglaf, Beowulf’s nephew.
What happened when the dragon attacked Beowulf for the third time? His lifeblood rushed forth from his blood smeared body like a surging sea swell and he died.
Who killed the Dragon? Beowulf
Who becomes king of the geats after Beowulf death? Wiglaf
Why is Wiglaf angry at the men that Beowulf chose to accompany him to kill the dragon? Because they fled the battle and did not help Beowulf factoring in his death.
What did Beowulf’s men place around his funeral pyre? War gear, ring mesh battle shirts, hard war helmet, battle-ready boars, gold glittering and Stern, gold-rimmed Lindenwood Shields, iron tip Ashwood Spears, and sharp blooded swords, blood Hardend and shining.

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