grendel is a descendant from whom grendel is a descendent of Cain
why grendel does not touch King Hrothgars throne grendek will never touch the kings throne because its Holy and he believes that God chose him as the king
in what specific ways does Herot contrast with the place where Grendel lives -Herot was one of the greatest halls ever built and Grendel lives in a swamp- happiness v. hell – herot – shining/ bright – swamp – dark/ dismal
what reasons can you propose for Grendels hatred of Herot Grendel hates Herot because they have parties all the time and disrupts his sleep he also couldnt be a part of the party
explain the significance of the fact that Grendel attacks at night Grendel attacks at night because it associates with evil and its darkdark masks him and a lof of the men drink at night
how is Beowulf taunted by the jealous Unferth Beowud is taunted by Unferth because he says that Brecca beat him in the swimming copetition questioning Beowulfs strength / foolishness
how does Beowulf reply to these taunts Bowed said that he killed 9 monsters so it didn’t matter that eh wdidnt win the race. also that everyoen knows about beowulds fame bbut no one knows who Unferth is
considering Grendels origin and lair, what symbolic meaning might underlie the confrontaiton between Grendel and Hrothgar Hrothgar is for God, grendel is for the devil
what is the symbolic significance of the uselessness of human weapons against Grendel he didn’t use human weapons because he wanted to have a fair figt only God can destroy evil
when Grendels mother first invades Herot, the poet makes a peculiat male chauvinist remark that she is less frightenign than Grendel beauce of her gender. do later events tend to bear out of this statement or not they were saying how since she’s a girl she would be easy to defeat but once Beowulf got down there she grabbed himshe was a lot stronger than Beowulfbeowulf had a harder time defeating her than Grendel
what images suggest that the lair in which Grendel and his mother live is like hell big water, snakes, bloody water and its dark
is their any point to the water monsters that the poet introduces before Beowuld jumps into the lake beneath which Grendels mother lives that its scary and dark the monsters were up at the top to scare poele shows his courage
a haorded treasure in Old English usually symbolizes spiritual death or damnation. how might this fact add significatnce to the hearos last fight wiht dragon? what happens to the dragosn treasure they end up taking some of the treasure and hiding it with Beouwl because tey said no man on earth deserved it treasure was the trophy in this 3rd battle it shows that he is human and not God he cat totally take away evil treasure burried with Beowuld
find detials that describe the dragon in terms of a serpent. what might the dragon symbolize as beowulds final foe ” hot poison will pour from his tounge”poisnous venemous toungethe dragon might symbolize death adn beowulf has to gight against it
how is the 3rd battle different from the previous 2 the 3rd battle was different from the other because ehe was of and new he most likely wouldnt make it out alive. he had also carried armor with himthe dragon was able to be hurt by a man-made sword he diedonly battle where his men leftthe only one that he got help from another person wiglaf helped him and will most likely become king
Beowulfs superhuman grip gives him victory in the battle with Grendel. hwo does it function in the fight wiht the fire dragon it ended up working against him because he was so strong that he had broken his own sword / weapon
the epic closes on a somber, elegiac note – a note of mournign. what words and images contribute to this note they talk about him being burned and sticking his ashes into the tower just like he had askedsmoke rose black and thick misery song and honoring Beowuld12 men on horses
who is the author the author is unknown
when was it written between 800 and 1000 AD
how many lines are in the poem 3182
what is different about the overall tone of the poem most of Old English has been labeled as gloomy but Beowuld is labeled as celebratory
what is the main theme good vs. evil
what did every warrior want they all wanted fame, they wanted people to know their name
shild head of danish dynasty, orphan when he died they put him on a ship with a bunch of treasure
what is the purpose of the three battles that Beowulf will fight in 1. initiation into manhood 2. testing of his courage as an adult 3. conquest of and by his death
what king is Hrothgar and what did he build king of the danesbuilt Herot
what happens the first time grendel goes to Herot he grabbes 30 men and devours them non of the men wake up because they were all hungover
how long does he terrorize Herot 12 years
how many men does Beowulf bring to go find Grendel 14
what did Beowulf say in regards to Grendel ill either kill grendel or he will forever rule
how many nights was the swimming match and who was it between Beowulf and Brecca and it was for 7 nights
what is the spell thats on grendel that no man made weapons could kill him
where do the danish soldiers sleep Herot
how many people did Grendels mom take 1
who did Grendels mom take esher – hrothgars bestfriend
why did she put eshers head on the cliff because they hung Beowulfs cliff from the rafters
describe the scene when Beowulf went to the swamp after Grendels mom – the lake was boiling – there were giants snakes, took several men to carry the snake up – he is wearign hsi armos this time – he has Unferths acient sword Hrunting -takes hours to swim down – has to fight off all of the lake monsters
who long has grendels mom rules for 50 years
how many men did it take to carry Grendels head 4
how long has Hrothgar rules the danes for 50 years
was is Beowulfs tribe the Geats
who does Beowulf give the necklace to Higd
how long has Beowulf been king for 50 years
why did the dragon wake up after being asleep for 100 years a runaway slave took a golden cup because he wanted to please his owner
what did the dragon do after he was woken up he attacked the townspeople and burned down anything he could in Geat land
higlac was killed in war, who did he want to give the throne to beowulf, but he said no because higlacs son was still alive so he took the throne when higlacs son died
BATTLE ONE- tribe – monster – weapon – trophy – motivation – danes- grendel – grip – arm, claw, and shoulder of grendel – hated the men, so he could enjoy gods glory
BATTLE TWO – tribe – monster – weapon – trophy – motivation – danes- Grendels mom – hrunting and giants sword – the hilt of the giants sword and grendels head – revenge (personal motivation)
BATTLE THREE- tribe – monster – weapon – trophy – motivation – geats – fire dragon – nagling- gold- anger becuase someone stole his gold jewled cup

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