Beowulf’s king and kinsman higlac
Beowulf’s homeland geatland
building where drinking and feasting goes on meadhall
what Beowulf encountered and slew during his swimming match seamonster
king of the danes hrothgar
there were the first to actually write down Beowoulf monks
translated the version of Beowulf were reading Burton Raffle
taken from the dragon by a slave cup
honors the comitatus wiglaf
long narrative poem epic
person that Grendel ad his mom were descended from cain
dragons are known to guard this treasure or gold
means “man price” weregild
where king hrothgar lives “boundary of the danes” denmark
name of sword forged by giants found on wall of grendels mother’s den hrunting
old friend Beowulf competed in a swimming match brecca
challenged Beowulf and tried to make him look weak unferth
a break or pause in a line of Anglo Saxon poetry Caesura
loyalty code to not leave someone in the front of battle comitatus
a figure of speech in which consonants especially at the beginning of words, or stressed syllables are repeated alliterated
setting geatleand and denmark
where Beowulf comes from ( known as Sweden) geatleand
where king Hrothar rules denmark
the bond existing between a Germanic warrior and his Lord, ensuring that neither leaves the field of battle before the other comitatus
son of Edgetho and nephew of higlac Beowulf
king of the danes, builder of Herot hrothgar
ferocious man-eating monster that preys on Hrothgar’s men in the mead hall. a descendant of Cain grendel
monstrous mother who seeks vengeance for the atrocities commited towards her son, lives in the bottom of the swamp Grendel’s mother
a Danish warrior of Hrothgar’s who is in jealous competition with Beowulf unferth
King Hrothgars’s wife welthow
a Geat warrior who comes to Beowulf’s aid when everyone else has abandoned him in Beowulf’s final battle wiglaf
Breowulf’s childhood friend who competed in a swimming match with Beowulf, king of the Brondings. brecca
How is the mood and setting Grendel’s lair described in the beginning of the epic? How does this contrast the picture portrayed in the mead hall? – Grendel’s lair: Hell on earth, slimy, bloody, darkness, disgusting, terrible people and creatures there, wild marshes/ mead hall: images of laughter, singing, rejoicing, light, harps, beautiful planes and oceans.
Which phrases point to Grendel’s evil nature? – A descendant of Cain, demon, banished by god, he was spawned,
Which Christian references are found in this section? – Speaking about God, seeking our Fathers peace, devil and hell, Hrothgar’s throne is protected by God, creation reference ” The Almighty”
What crime is Cain infamous for? – Abel’s death
What is Herot? the meadhall (Hrothgar built it)
What is Grendel doing when he attacks the danes? When is he doing this breaking into the meadhall and kills people at night
when Grendel attacks the Danes, which Anglo Saxon custom is Grendel ignoring? weregild ( manprice)
what does weregild mean reparation – payment to compensate for wrongdoing
How long did Grendel torment Hrothgar’s kingdom before Beowulf arrived? 12 years
where is Beowulf from? Geatland
what is Beowulf planning to do rid the Ganes of Grendel
what kind of hero is Beowulf? an epic hero because he is strong, brave, loved by his people
Who goes to greet Beowulf and the Geats when they arrive? hrothgar
How does Beowulf establish himself as a hero? he beats Grendel with no weapons, established lineage
What does Beowulf say he’s going to do for the Danes? How is heplanning on doing this? – Kill Grendel, with his bare hands
Who is Higlac? – King of the geates, Beowulf’s uncle
after the coming of Beoulf, what does he rely on to determine what happens to him? fate
How is Grendel’s strength shown in the battle with Grendel and Beowulf he broke the door off its hinges with just a touch
which kennings are used to describe Grendel shepherd of evil and guardian of crime
who is Grendel’s first victim in the battle between Grendel and Beowulf the first geat he comes too
How does Beowulf attack Grendel? – Waits for him to attack first, then he takes his claws and bending them back
What is Grendel experiencing that he has never experienced before? Fear, defeat, opposition
Why couldn’t Beowulf’s men do anything to Grendel? How does this reflect paganism in the text? He had laid spells on their weapons/ witchcraft
How does Beowulf fatally wound Grendel? What does the monster then do? Rips of his arm/ runs home back to his lair to die
What is Beowulf’s trophy? What does he do with it? Why? The arm, hangs it in the mead hall to show it off.
Why did Grendel’s mother go to Herot? – To avenge her son’s death
What might Beowulf’s journey to the she-wolf’s lair symbolize? Going to hell
In what type of underwater setting does Beowulf battle Grendel’s mother? Battle hall under a lake, symbolizes descent into hell
Where is personification found in the bottom of page 34? What does it mean? – The iron sang its fierce song- sword is clanging (noise, clash)
What is Hrunting? – Beowulf’s sword that was lent to him from the Danish warrior, the sword breaks and fails him. The helmet also fails him.
What are the two things said to protect Beowulf’s life? – The woven mail shirt he wore on his chest (sword was not able to pierce through) and the Holy God aided his life.
How did the battle with G.M. end? – Magical Sword appears on a wall, so big no normal human could carry it, and slashed her head off.
What act of revenge does Beowulf Commit after killing G.M.? – Cuts off Grendel’s head, and brings both heads to Mead Hall to hang up as trophy.
Where does Beowulf return to? – The land of the Geats (today: Sweden)
How long has Beowulf been king for when this section begins? Fifty years/ winters
What is the dragon’s “occupation”? protect gold and treasure
why has the dragon begun an attack on the Geats because a thief has stolen a jeweled cup from the dragon’s gold.
how do Beowulf’s men betray him? who remains loyal? what is this code of loyalty called? They run for their lives, They don’t help him fight the dragon./ Wiglaf/ “comitatus”
What Christian references appear at Beowulf’s death? – Sprinkled water over his lord, our father in heaven, Ruler of the Earth
What does Beowulf tell Wiglaf to have done for him after his death? What is his motive for doing this? – Build a tower near the coast- so people could remember him;Give the treasure to his people.
What does Wiglaf say would have been better for Beowulf’s men than living in disgrace? death would be better than living in disgrace
Describe Beowulf’s funeral. – The Geats cremate Beowulf (funeral pyre- Anglo Saxon burial practice), and 12 of the bravest soldiers Geats rode their horses around the tower, telling stories. People are also crying, wailing out
What do the Geats do with Beowulf’s ashes? – They place his ashes along with all of the dragons treasure in a huge burial tower by the sea, where it can be seen by voyagers

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