Allegory a story told on two levels
Alliteration repetition of initial constant sound
Anonymous the Beowulf author
Aristocratic The Class of society that Beowulf is concerned with
Boastful Adjective that describes Unferth
Cain Person that Grendel and his mom were descended from
Cave place where Grendel and his mother dwelled
Christian influences that inserted God into this initially pagan text
Claw only part of Grendel left at Herot after the fight with Beowulf
Cowards What Wiglaf calls Beowulf’s soldiers
Cup Taken by slave from dragon
Denmark Hrothgar’s homeland
Edgetho Beowulf’s father
Epic Long, narrative poem
Esher Hrothgar’s best friend; killed by Grendel’s mother
Fame the only thing that lasts, according to the Anglo-Saxons
Feasts Large parties that celebrate battle victories
Feudal Times of the Anglo-Saxons
Fires What almost destroyed the last manuscript of Beowulf
Geatland Beowulf’s homeland
God Beowulf’s inspiration
Hero Lead character of an epic; the protagonist
Herot Hrothgar’s mead hall
Higd Higlac’s wife
Higlac King of the Geats at the beginning of the epic
Hilt Handle of a sword or dagger
Horsemen They rode around Beowulf’s grave
Hrothgar King of the Danes
Hrunting Name of Unferth’s sword that he lent to Beowulf to kill Grendel’s mother
Kenning Anglo-Saxon metaphor
Lake Grendel and his mom live at the bottom of this
Mail Protective chains worn by Beowulf
Monks They first put Beowulf in written form
Omens Signs which predict the future
Oral Beowulf was first sung in this tradition
Pagan Beowulf’s heathen origins
Pride What Hrothgar cautions Beowulf against
Pyre Funeral fire
Raffel Translator of Beowulf
Rhythm the beat or cadence of the lines in poetry
Serpents What Beowulf encountered and slew on the way to Grendel’s
Siegmund Earlier hero who also killed a dragon
Slave awakened the sleeping dragon
Swimming Beowulf defeats Brecca in this competition
Treasure This was guarded by the dragon
Tripartite 3-part story, such as Beowulf
Brecca He challenged Beowulf’s swimming prowess
Warrior Type of person most prized in Anglo-Saxon society
Welthow Hrothgar’s queen
Wulfgar Swedish prince who introduced Beowulf to Hrothgar
Unferth Hrothgar’s spokesman who taunts Beowulf about Brecca

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