What had Herot symbolized before the coming of Grendel? After? before: happiness, joyafter: dark, sorrow, defeat, helplessness
who is Welthow Hrothgar’s queen
why didn’t the other warriors succeed in aiding Beowulf? because they couldn’t kill Grendel with a sword.
What did Hrothgar give Beowulf that was so special and why was it so symbolic? eight horses with gold bridles. The fact that Hrothgar gave Beowulf 8 horses with golden bridles shows that he believes Beowulf to be magnificent warrior, one worthy of the Danish kingdom.
Who was Esher? one of the best friends and counsellors to Hrothgar
Who asks Beowulf to kill Grendel’s mother after Esher dies? Hrothgar
how does Beowulf kill Grendel? he cuts off his arm
who comes back to Herot in revenge for the death of Grendel? Grendel’s mother
What two things does Beowulf present to Hrothgar? the gold hilt and Grendel’s head
T or F: Hrothgar tells Beowulf he is unfit to rule the Geats. F

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