how many men did Beowulf bring? 14
in Viking Society, social status could easily be determined by quality of visible weapons and number of visible weapons
Grendel’s mother also carries off grendels arm
the story was written in 725 A.D.
who was a thane of Hygelac in Sweden? Beowulf
what do the Geats do with Beowulf’s corpse? build a huge tower for a funeral pyre
why does the author have Beowulf not use weapons? a spell saves Grendel from death by weapon and it enhances Beowulf’s hero status
Beowulf’s battle with Grendel results in what trophy for the Kings hall? the claw of Grendel
Beowulf is thought to be written by a traveling Anglo-Saxon poet
Anglo-Saxon traveling poets were called Scops
who is the king of the Danes and for what problem does he need help? Hrothgar; a hulking man/monster who ate all of his men
what does King Hrothgar decide to build? a mead hall
Grendel caused problems for the Danes for 12 years
Grendel is the descendant of what evil man? Cain
who challenges Beowulf’s strength and reputation? Unferth
why did Beowulf lose his swimming match with Brecca? he was distracted by some sea monsters that needed a good killing
how does Beowulf view Grendel? as an evil fiend from hell
what mistake did Beowulf make? he waits too long in attacking and observing Grendel and loses a man
how does Beowulf defeat Grendel? rips his arm off
to what/whom does Beowulf attribute his victory? God
how is Beowulf rewarded for his service? treasure and honorary kinship
how does Grendel’s mother get revenge for her sons death? she kills one of Hrothgar’s friends
Beowulf kills Grendel’s mother by cutting her head off
Beowulf ruled Geatland(Sweden) as king for how many years? 50
what wakes the dragon from is lair under the mountain? a robber stole gold from his lair
what happens to the men Beowulf leaves at the opening of the dragon’s lair? they run off into the forest
Wiglaf thinks he and his comrades should help Beowulf fight the dragon because in the past they had promised to repay Beowulf’s kindness with their lives
where does the dragon mortally wound Beowulf? the neck
immediately prior to his death, Beowulf wants to see what? some of the treasure
what means noisy partying? revelry
what is the archaic past tense of the verb ‘work’? wrought
what means happy and cheerful? blithesome
what means a hiding place? covert
what word means regret? rue
what means a shirt of chain mail? byrny
by whom is lord Randal been betrayed in “Lord Randal”? his lover
who poisoned lord Randal? his lover
how does lord Randal’s mother know he has been poisoned? his Hawks and hounds died
who does Randal damn to hell? his lover
in “Edward” how does Edward’s mother know he has killed someone/something? she saw his bloody sword
what did Edward actually kill? his father
what is Edward leaving his wife and children? nothing. they can beg through life.
how does Edward feel about his mother? damns her to hell for giving him evil ideas
in “get up and bar the door” what pact had the couple made? whoever speaks must bar the door
the husband willingly loses the contest because he does not like what the visitors plan to do to them

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