What is the specific poetic form of the poem? Epic Poem
When was Beowulf composed? Eighth Century ( 700s )
When was Beowulf written? Eleventh Century ( 1000s )
Why is it that the composed date and written date differ? Oral Tradition
When did the story take place? Third to Fourth Century ( 200s-300s )
Where does Beowulf take place? Denmark
What was the specific language of the original poem? Old English
What do Epic poems need? a hero
Who is the King of the Danes? Hrothgar
Who killed 30 men with one swipe in the Herot? Grendel
What is the name of the mead hall? Herot
Who is the King of the Geats? Higlac
Who is Hrothgar’s wife? Queen of the Danes? Welthow
What tribe is Beowulf from? ( Higlac is the King ) Geats
Hrothgar is king of the ______. Danes
He believes that he is greatest man alive. He kills Grendel and is from the Geats. Who is he? Beowulf
What is mead? a drink
A compound metaphor/fancy renaming is called a ____? Kenning
What was Grendel’s first action? He kills 30 men with one swipe
What was Grendel’s original sin? He is a descendant of Cain
How long was the mead hall empty for? 12 winters ( 12 years )
How did Beowulf hear about the trouble? Oral tradition
Why did Beowulf come to the rescue? Because it is his fate
Why is Grendel so hard to kill? He can’t get harmed by weapons because he casts a spell
Where does Beowulf plan to meet Grendel? In the Herot
What is the last requests Beowulf makes before going to battle with Grendel? If he dies, to send is armor to Higlac to show that he died fighting Grendel
Who does Beowulf take with him to fight Grendel? 14 men
What does Grendel do as he enters the Herot when Beowulf is there? He kills one man
How does Beowulf wound Grendel? He rips his arm off
How does Grendel die? He bleeds out after having his arm ripped off
Where does Grendel die? In his swamp
What does Grendel look like? Slimy Giant beast with Plundering Claws
How is the idea of bravery shown in the poem? Beowulf goes and fights Grendel with no weapons
How is the idea of Loyalty shown in the poem? After Grendel dies, everyone praises King Hrothgar for bringing Beowulf
What two universal qualities does the epic poem ” Beowulf ” contain? Good vs. Evil
What does it mean when this work described as “profoundly human”? It is relatable
How long did the story exist in oral form? 300 Years
What causes Grendel to attack the Danes? The loud music played by the Danes disturbed him
What did Hrothgar and his counselors do to try to get rid of Grendel? He tried to bribe Grendel with riches and land
Where does Beowulf come from? Geatland ( Land of the Geats )
How did Beowulf get to the Herot? He went on boat, but didn’t know the way. He allowed the sea to take him to Herot
What three things does Beowulf brag about when he first meets Hrothgar? •He once had the blood of his enemies dripping from him•He once forced five great Giants into chains•He swam in the ocean at night, and hunted and killed every monster in there
Why does Beowulf brag as much as he does? To become famous
What is particularly amazing about Beowulf’s plan to fight Grendel? He plans to fight him with no weapons. Just with his hands
What evidence do we have that Beowulf places his faith in Wyrd? He fights with no weapons
How does Hrothgar and his tribe feel about Beowulf fighting Grendel? What evidence from the plot supports it? •They are happy about it.•They celebrate/party the night before
What does Grendel expect will happen when he encounters Beowulf and his men sleeping? How was he right? How was he wrong? •He expects that he will kill them all like all the others•He kills one of Beowulf’s soldiers•He gets his armed ripped off, and later dies.
What is Grendel’s emotional reaction to Beowulf’s strength? What does Grendel want to do now more than ever? •He is shocked.•Grendel wants to run away, instead of fighting
What did the Danes believe was the only way to destroy the Herot? Fire
What trophy did the Danes keep as proof of Grendel’s defeat… Where did they hang it? •Grendel’s Arm•From the rafters
Who avenges Grendel’s death? How does she do this? •Grendel’s Mother•She takes Hrothgar’s dearest friend
What evidence do the Danes have regarding this crime and it’s perpetrator? Grendel’s mother takes back her son’s bloody arm
What does Beowulf do to save the Danes once more? He kills Grendel’s mother
Who does Beowulf fight in his last battle? the Fire Dragon
Why does he choose to fight the Fire Dragon? He foresaw death, but he accepted it because it was his fate
How does Beowulf’s final battle differ from the ones he had engaged in before? He dies in this battle
What are Beowulf’s final request? Do the Geat’s comply? •He requests them to give the treasures in the dragon lair to the Geats, to erect a tower, and to burry him near the sea.•Yes
Does the fire dragon die? Yes

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